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Outdoor Retail Displays Attract Attention

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

There are many reasons for a company to invest in one or more marketing tools, and purchasing an outdoor display can prove to be very profitable.  With careful consideration, the marketing team can provide the company with advertising signage ideas that will help them attract the attention of people in the area.

This type of signage will have to be made from a weather proof material, which usually consists of either acrylic or vinyl.  This is to help insure that it will not fade or crack as easily as a wood based product would.

Vinyl banners are a common type of outdoor signage.  They provide valuable information to a large audience at a very minimal cost.  Apartment complexes use them to promote their property or new renovations.  Retail and grocery stores use them for upcoming sales and inventory close out events.

Sidewalk signs have always been very popular and are easy to put up and take down.  There are a variety of options available. Parking lots use them to advertise the cost to park for special events.  Sandwich deli’s and coffee shops use those neon liquid chalk boards to advertise daily specials.  Automotive shops use the types that have interchangeable letters to announce oil change specials or discounts on flushing the cooling system.

Once the company has decided what type of outdoor display they need, the sign company can assist with all the other details.  Most signage companies have a design team ready to help with graphic imaging, color combination options, and adding company logos.  Each step of the process will easily be handled by the customer service representative.

Vinyl Banners Are Durable and Reusable

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

There are many advantages to using vinyl banners.  One of those advantages is that it holds up much better than other types of fabric that can be used for signs.  Another is the low maintenance and easy storage. They are also an inexpensive form or advertising and are easy to customize or buy ready made.

When a business is looking to invest in some advertising that can be reused, one of the first places they should look is to their local sign company. Many of them offer vinyl banners for sale. If it is a custom item one is looking for, the professionals there can help assist in making the best size and color choice for the business’ needs. It may need to be a small sign to put in the window or a much larger sign that can be clearly visible by all who are around the area. That is the great thing about this type of signage, it can be so flexible.

Vinyl banners are better to use than other fabric options. Many of these banners have a combination of the vinyl along with another product. This is so the sign is more durable. They can withstand high winds along with driving rain and snow. Many times they have to be able to withstand intense heat in the south and frigid cold in the northern part of the U.S. Using this type of material makes it possible to withstand the elements and keep on looking great for many years.

As with any investment, these signs need to be cared for properly so that they can be reused time and again. Once one is finished using the sign, clean it with mild soapy water and a soft cloth. Once it is completely dry, in can be rolled up and stored in a cool, dry area. This will help ensure that it stays in great shape for the next time it is needed.

Affordable Vinyl & Plastic Signs Offer Pliability and Durability

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Whether a business is looking for pliability, affordability or longevity, purchasing vinyl and plastic signs is a wise investment for its marketing needs. Looking at the differences and advantages of purchasing this type of marketing tool other popular options helps the purchaser get a better product with greater benefits at a minimal cost.

Pliability is an issue with many types of signage. Plastic signs are generally quite pliable, allowing them to be placed on corners, on unusual shapes, and even on abrasive surfaces. Not every material is suitable enough to be used on just about any surface. They are also extremely affordable. Not only is the price minimal to buy one of these labeling tools, it also enables many starting small businesses to obtain an effective way to reach the surrounding public with their message.

With all of the choices in materials available today, these types of signage are very well constructed of a durable material, allowing it to work effectively for the business upwards of five years. Wood and metal signage do not fare well in inclement weather, making them less desirable. While the acrylic labels are best used indoors for maximum longevity, they still maintain all of the desired qualities even if placed outdoors.

Choosing better advertising methods helps the business reach future clientele with minimal cost. Vinyl banners a very popular means of promoting a business. They can be used to announce a special sale, a newly released product or a new service that is being provided.  These affordable tools can easily fit into any budget, making them desirable for any business owner, regardless of their advertising needs.

PVC Banners Are A Popular Marketing Tool

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Saving money on marketing and advertising usually means investigating how PVC banners can work for a business. There are many choices allowing a business to get noticed without spending excessive amounts of money. Investigating this product often introduces the purchaser to questions unique to these polyvinyl chloride products.

Are there differences between digitally printed and vinyl PVC banners?

Digital printing is especially popular because it is affordable and produces lifelike imagery that is capable of lasting for decades with proper care. This newer technique is popular, but a select few businesses may discover that special colors such as fluorescent, gold, silver, or other metallic shades are not produces with digital print. The majority of businesses will discover that vinyl is more expensive than digital prints, and therefore, digital printing is the way to go.

What about pockets, eyelets, and hems?

Having a large sheet of polyvinyl chloride material with an advertising and marketing message on one or both sides is not going to be effective without a way to place those PVC banners where desired. Pole pockets are necessary for placement on a pole; eyelets or grommets are necessary for placement on the side of a building or placement between two structures. Most sign companies will provide needed pockets and eyelets with strong hems to ensure a better product.

Are PVC banners coated?

A reliable sign company will ensure that proper coating is utilized. Without proper coating, PVC banners would degrade and become useful, frayed, and unattractive in a very short time. The coating is not visible on the product, but some coatings will give the product a glossy hue. Choices depend on what the business needs and wants for a better marketing and advertising tool.

Choosing The Ideal Custom Banner

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Choosing the ideal custom banners is easy when one hires a reputable sign company to help with the design and manufacturing of the advertisement. Any establishment, regardless of the industry can benefit from employing exceptional advertising tools. The signage that is purchased should include appropriate color schemes, high quality materials, and effective messages. Each sign has the opportunity to work for the business or organization, providing affordable solutions to marketing and advertising while drawing in potential customers with powerful words, catchy phrases and exceptional graphics.


Vinyl signs work exceptionally well outdoors as they are able to withstand drastic temperature and weather changes. Many organizations can use these colorful and informative signs to draw the focus of the person passing by. Libraries can advertise an upcoming event or book sale, a museum can display images of an upcoming exhibit, and an apartment complex can announce their newly remodeled and updated apartments.


Another great reason people decide to this type of advertisement is that they can be either static or dynamic. A car dealership may utilize signs that never change, depicting models and brands that are most frequently sold.  On the other hand, that same car dealership may utilize this kind of advertisement to alert the public of their most recent arrivals or promotional campaigns.


Custom banners work exceptionally well by enhancing the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether those signs are always changing or always remain the same, it is important that any successful business reach maximum potential by catching the focus of the potential customer.

Why Vinyl Graphics Are The Best Option

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

When a car wrap, banner, or business sign is necessary, vinyl graphics are definitely the best option for the job, regardless of where it will be used.  The finished product looks well-made and professional.  This material captures the colors and images really well. It also allows for the contrast of the background and images to flow effortlessly.

Because of their flexibility, vinyl graphics are known for being able to effortlessly bend around corners, or adhere easily to flat surfaces.  No matter the geometric shape of the booth, table, display, or surface, this material will easily mold to fit. Since the material remains somewhat stiff while still being rather flexible, it makes the final adjustment look as if it were designed to fit the space all along.

In addition, vinyl graphics are extremely durable and easy to clean.  A damp sponge with or without a mild soap can be used to wipe them off.  They can withstand frigid temperatures as well as hot temperatures. They are also rather easy to store.

They can easily be placed on any surface without ruining the paint, or the surface material that lies below.  This is a big plus when using vinyl graphics on a vehicle or other areas that need to remain intact once the banner or sign is removed.  Vehicles benefit greatly from this type of sign because it is easily stored in the trunk for times when it is not being used. It can be easily affixed when necessary to the door, trunk, or hood of the vehicle, or any other surface that is required. For these reasons, it is no wonder that these are commonly used for all types of advertisements.

Choosing To Use Banners And Signs

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

When business owners all over the world need a more dependable way of advertising, most of them find that using banners and signs is just the answer they were looking for.  There are several different reasons that people like using them.  For one, they are made of vinyl which is very durable and can be reused.  With the technology today, the producer of the sign can make almost any design a person can come up with.  Banners and signs will get the attention that is needed by the customers, but placing them in key locations will get the maximum amount of exposure, which will increase revenue generously.

Materials such as cardboard, paper, or even plastic can become weathered or even crack or break over time.  Fading or damaged banners do not get many looks from customers.  Using vinyl banners and signs will be more beneficial because they can easily be stored and used over and over without being compromised or damaged.  Numerous business owners choose to hang them on the outside of their building as well since they are so resilient.

The design is very important.  In the age of unique designs people have to try and come up with a design that will stand out from the rest, while remaining easy to read.  Sign companies are able to use nearly any design the customer chooses in their advertisement.

Finding a place to hang banners and signs is something that may be overlooked by many people.  The fact is that location is just as important as the banner itself.  There are three main areas in which will get the most attention from the customers.  Hanging them along the walls and windows is great because this allows customers to see the advertisement from the inside as well as the outside.  Placing them on the outside will catch the eye of people walking nearby and drivers going down the road.  If they are put over display features or at the cash register, customers will be sure and see them, making them very effective in selling the products the store has to offer.

Displaying Color Banners

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Color banners are an effective marketing and advertising tool that many businesses, both large and small, use regularly.  Many are made of reinforced vinyl or other strong material.  Color banners are a great way to get the word out about an up and coming event, product, sales event, and so forth.  They can be very cost effective as well and are reusable which are just two of the reasons businesses use them.  Are there colors that can attract more customers than others?  Most people that research this type of information would say yes.  Colors say a lot about people and can evoke both negative and positive emotions in them.  That is why it is so important to choose the right ones.

So, what are some of the best choices when it comes to color banners?  It depends on the message that is desired to be conveyed and the audience it is geared towards.  However, there are some basic things to know to help narrow down those choices.  If the color banners are going to have more than one shade, a primary, secondary, and highlighting shade need to be chosen.  The primary and secondary should be similar in hue.  The highlighting shade would be used for emphasizing important parts of the sign and should be done in a contrasting but complimentary manner.  Some pairings that are often seen are blue and yellow, red and yellow, and blue and orange combinations.  Blue is the most widely used shade over any other when it comes to advertising.  This is because blue conveys feelings of trustworthiness, calmness, stability, and understanding.  All of which, most businesses want their customers to feel and to feel about them.

The Advantages Of A Vinyl Banner

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

It would be impossible to list all of the many advantages of a vinyl banner.  However, the first one would be that it is an incredibly affordable option.  It is the perfect way to get the advertisement out to as many people as possible.

A vinyl banner can display a business promotion in a bright array of colors that are sure to be eye catching.  After all, the entire idea of a sign is first to inform, but one would also want to make a sign that will not only get the potential customer to look at it, but also to remember it for future reference.  That’s what you get with these.

In the past, signs were made of other materials like glass, metal and corrugated cardboard.  Each of these materials has their own specific problems.  Glass is easy to break and is likely to be chipped when faced with things outside, such as flying debris on a windy day.  Metal tends to bend and will rust over time, making it difficult to read.  Corrugated cardboard will eventually break down in the elements because it is not waterproof or very durable.  A vinyl banner on the other hand does not have any of these problems.  It is durable, flexible and made of a material that can withstand all of the environmental factors outside, such as heat, cold, wind and rain.

A vinyl banner can include things such as graphics, logos and even photographs.  This makes it very easy to be creative when designing the perfect banner. Because it is flexible, there is no end to where or how it can be displayed. It can be easily seen from a distance and it is easy to install and store away.

The Benefits Of Custom Vinyl Banners

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If a person or a business wants to design something that will get everyone’s attention, the things to use are custom vinyl banners.  This extremely versatile material allows for an array of ideas to come to life.  There are really limitless ways that these can be used for all of the big events in one’s life, home, office, business, school, place of worship, or anywhere within the community.

Custom vinyl banners can be made as big as they are needed to be or as small as any needs dictated.  One can use them to advertise sales, worship hours, welcome home celebrations, birthdays, rummage sales, garage sales, bake sales, graduation parties, homecoming games, trade show offerings, real estate for sale, and many other things as well.

Many people are now choosing to use custom vinyl banners as opposed to the type of do-it-yourself card board signs that have typically been seen in the past for one-time events such as a yard sale.  The biggest reason for this is if the event, such as a yard sale, spans more than one day, a card board sign that is subjected to rain and wind will simply fall apart.  Another factor to consider as well is cardboard is hard to read, and it doesn’t look very appealing or professional.  Not only that, but by having a professionally made sign, a business sets itself apart from the competition.

Custom vinyl banners can be created in a variety of vibrant colors that are eye catching and vivid.  They can be displayed nearly anywhere from lying flat to hanging from a post, pole, building, or hung evenly between two points.  They usually have eyelets in each corner for threading wire or rope through for use in displaying them.

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