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Finding Reliable Glass Printing Services

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Choosing a sign company capable of providing high quality glass printing services has never been easier.  There are numerous companies, whether online or down the road that are capable of providing superior imagery for those often fragile surfaces.  Utilizing the appropriate techniques ensures a better design, and usually at an affordable rate.

What are some of the most popular techniques?

Laser etching is extremely effective and can cut on a surface that is both fragile and thin without breakage.  Laser etching allows for the surface to have a delicate design while retaining the surface strength.  These designs are exceptionally desirable and make for a superior product.

While silk screening is another popular style associated with glass printing, the technique is much older.  However, silk screening techniques have advanced a great deal because of new technologies.  This process has been used for centuries to transfer a design to a multitude of surfaces.  Silk screening brings realistic and lively designs to the surface.

To receive the desired results, a certain process must be followed.  First, the medium or technique is chosen.  Once that choice has been made, the desired results are investigated to make sure that it will produce the look the client is wanting.  The machine that is going to be used is prepped and the image (supplied by either the sign company or the client) is transferred to the surface.

Sign companies provide a copious number of options.  Having a high quality sign company for those glass printing services will guarantee an exceptional end product.  Whether the techniques are ancient or new, today’s advanced technologies bring a cleaner, stronger, and more effective product that does not have to break the bank.

Looking Into A Screen Print On Glass

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Screen print on glass is an affordable and attractive way to emboss nearly anything with a business’s logo or corporate motto.  Whether the objective is advertisement or achievement recognition within the organization, this type of image transfer will be beneficial to the company.

The technique came about as a method for image transfer after years of researching the proper ink that would be necessary for optimum adhesion to the material.  Once screen print on glass was perfected, it became a benchmark throughout the industry.  It forever changed the way that this type of material was handled, and this meant that the consumer was the big winner in the end.

Screen print on glass makes it possible to add color font and images to nearly any surface of this type, regardless of the shape.  The advertising industry has proven to be a very effective method for this type of marketing, whether it is an ornately decorated crystal souvenir or gift, or two commanding panes of glass displaying the logo of a powerful corporation on its doors.  This is a sophisticated method of advertising that is received well in the powerful world of business.

The art of adding screen print to glass is extremely cost effective and able to be within nearly any budget imaginable.  It adds a touch of class and elegance to any item that is being presented or used for business purposes.  It is a sophisticated way to show the world and the prospective clients that they are important enough to deserve the very best.

The Process Of Screen Printed Glass

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Screen printed glass windows are extremely effective for advertisement purposes for a business or company.  This type of imaging transference is excellent because it is much more affordable than relying on someone to paint the images and text onto the window.  Not only does it look terrific, but it will also be durable as well.

Screen printed glass windows are going to withstand the elements much better than the traditional type of painted fonts.  Paint tends to chip or crack in very high heat which is not good if a window faces directly into the sun.  Paint also tends to become flaky in extremely cold temperatures as well.  Painting is an expensive option that because of this endurance problem will have to be repeated often to keep it looking fresh and legible.

When a professional is installing screen printed glass enamels onto store or office windows, there is no limit to the fonts and colors that are available.  There is also no need to panic if the business owner doesn’t have a logo or a readily available graphic of their own.  The professionals will have graphics and photographs from which a business owner can peruse through and pick what they might like.  They can even have the images custom made.  Font size is not a problem with this type of transfer either.  Even particularly difficult font types are no problem.

Screen printed glass will endure a lot longer than paint and it will look a lot better as well.  It won’t have to be replaced nearly as often as paint and it isn’t nearly as costly as hiring a company to paint images and wording onto windows by hand.

A Print Onto Glass Is A Great Option For Advertising

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

A print onto glass can have both commercial and residential applications. While a commercial application might be to utilize the end product to direct students to classrooms or patients to doctors’ offices, a residential application might be to hang an enlargement of a favorite photo. Shopping around will help whichever potential customer needs help in finding a sign company that can help do what he’s looking for. A print onto glass can be made in a few ways, and a couple of the most common are screen and digital printing.

The screen method can be done via transfer, or directly. Directly, as it sounds is done with the image made right on the end product, whereas the transfer involves moving it from the original paper to the finished product.

Digital options may last a lifetime, and the increasingly advanced technology surrounding it will only help further improve things. This method can be done by ink jet or air-brushing. The costs involved in this type of a print onto glass can be considerably less than those done in other ways, particularly if the customer is looking for only a few images for the order. The advances should continue to help things on that end and should help to deal with the issues of weight and fragility of the print onto glass.

Be it for a modern twist to the classic family photo hung over the fireplace mantel or a crisp directory posted at the front door of a business, a customer should be able to find what is right for him by contacting a reputable sign company.

The Many Of Ways You Can Print On Glass

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

More and more businesses, both large and small, are using the art of print on glass for many reasons.  People see it everywhere they go, but most likely, they do not put much thought into it.  It may be the directory at the mall or an advertisement at the airport.  Print on glass has become vastly popular, and, with technological advancements, it has made it much more cost effective, even for the mom and pop businesses.

One of the more current methods of print on glass that has also made it more affordable is with digital printers.  Manufacturers have built these to be able to handle much larger pieces of glass than before.  Many machines can manage a piece that measures 6 1/2ft by 10ft by 1.57in thick.  Along with those capabilities, there are different types of ink that can also be used.  One that is becoming much more common is the UV curable inks. These do not require a long drying time and produce great color quality.  These also make customized projects more affordable.  Designs are easy to change and needs minimal set up time.  This is ideal for small organizations and retail advertising.

Another print on glass application that is popular is using screen print.  This application process is used in a variety of ways.  It can be the primary source of printing on the glass or help mask off a portion that needs to be treated with a different technique.  The inks that can be used can also do a lot for the project.  There are inks that emulate the use of a technique, like frosting or etching, without having to complete that step.  This helps cut down production time as well as costs.  Since this application process can cover large scale items, most companies choose this option for larger projects.

The Advantages Of Printed Glass

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Advertising on printed glass is a beautiful method that has been around for many years. Can one count how many different ads one might see in a day on his or her way to work? Is it even possible to realize how many times that something has been advertised in front of one’s face and it has made an impact?

So many people can be reached by using advertising in this manner.  Putting your product, company or store out there in the public for all to see is exactly how it is possible to get the word out. It is not always wise to just rely on a paper or online advertisement. However, when a person can physically see something in front of them on printed glass, then they are more obliged to pay heed. This method is a sure fire way to get the idea or look of a product noticed, because it is literally visible to potential customers.

Not only can advertisements on printed glass be visible, but they can be beautiful as well. Just looking at something in black and white is not always visually appealing. However, when an artist uses techniques and color to enhance the visibility of a word, logo or brand, it can really catch a person’s attention. This then reminds them of the product, because it has been seen by them and in some way imprinted in their mind.

Using printed glass as a method of advertising one’s business, services or products is a great way to make a lasting impact.  Many businesses are furthering their use of this advertising method to include their hours of operation, company logo and contact information.  It is beautiful and unique, and will have potential customers remembering the logo and name when the time comes to invest in the products or services represented.

Using A Glass Printing Machine

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A glass printing machine is used to create images that are put on glass windows and doors for the purpose of advertising.  This makes the process much easier and faster than older methods.  It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small business, any size company can benefit from this process.  Larger corporations especially, use this to promote their name or product.  Company logos for doors and windows are not the only products a glass printing machine can produce.  Beer and whiskey manufacturers have signs made in order to let bars and clubs hang them inside to promote their products.  This is a very appealing and visually pleasing method of advertising and promotion.

Larger companies will have their business logo and other information put on all of the doors that lead into the building to make an impact on those who enter.  Most of the time, the building will also have their logo or something else printed on the windows on either side of the doors to further get the attention of those passing by.  The reason for this is simple as they want to put their logo on anything they can to promote themselves.  A glass printing machine is one of the best ways to self promote.  Smaller businesses are more likely to have a huge window display to advertise their name.  Since they do not have a gigantic building to catch people’s eye, they rely on a window design to do the job.

When compared to the older methods of putting designs onto glass, using a glass printing machine makes a world of difference.  The process is now much quicker and produces precise results.  New technology and materials are used in order to make the design more durable and brighter.  The ink that is used has improved greatly and helps create more vivid and vibrantly colored designs than ever before.  This is a durable and beautiful way to make one’s logo stand out in a world that is visually stimulated.

How Prints On Glass Started

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

With roots traceable to 16th century Europe, rising from the centuries old impression process creating mezzotints, placing a print on glass was born. This is a procedure which can be attained by fusion, sand blasting, embossing, silk screening, and digital printing.

To fuse a mezzotint, company sign, or photograph to this crystal medium the object is placed on the back of the glass, sealed and fired behind another, and then removed appearing uniform and to all have been created from the same material.

Highly capitalized upon before the digital revolution, the art of silk screening was the most commonly used method of composing a print on glass. Employing wooden or metal frames with a mesh or silk screen stretched over the outside, inks would be transfused through the screen leaving an image. Stencils are created by covering certain areas of the screen, and special inks that can withstand the heat of the kiln have to be used.

With the birth of digital technology this style largely gave way to the more efficient process of digitally printing on glass. This procedure gained huge strides in efficiency by eliminating the need of screening materials altogether, the need for a human operator, and the need to wait between individual coats of color and long periods of drying time by utilizing one digital, self automated printing machine. Employing ink jet methods, designs can travel straight from a file on the onboard computer to glass.

Images can also be created by processes like sandblasting and embossing to print on glass. Sandblasting leaves the surface light particles disrupted giving the crystal a frosted finish, while embossing gently engraves or presses the design into the transparent medium.

By being able to employ techniques from the 16th century to the constant advances in digital technology each new day, when companies begin the start of a new advertising campaign, why not utilize signage that takes advertising to a whole new level of artistic  beauty by having it embodied as an image on the finest glass?

Ideas For Photo Prints On Glass

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If you are looking for a new way to advertise, then photo prints on glass may be your answer.  In the past the only way to achieve this was to have the glass etched.  This was rather expensive and many people just did not find that this was a cost that could be covered by their advertising budget.  However, with technological advances in the field, glass printing is a new way, similar to screen-printing, is now available to do this for a reasonable price. Best of all, the colors used on photo prints on glass can be vibrant or muted to match your logo or taste.

These can be used for advertisement or gift giving.  They can be used to make signs for your business, place settings for your wedding reception or a gift for Grandma that will make her happy for years to come.

Photo prints on glass is also a wonderful alternative to the traditional type of labeling for products such as wine or other types of products that are in this type of a container.  Traditional paper labels often have a tendency to tear or rip on the edges.  They also fade in time and become discolored and yellow.  The worst case scenario with a paper label is that sometimes it just falls off leaving its container and its contents completely unidentifiable.  You could use this type of print to put your logo and name directly onto the container itself without needing to attach a separate label.  This would create a very professional looking as well as practical label.

Photo prints on glass have many different uses.  Use them to put your corporate logo and name on wine bottles to be distributed at your next convention and be the envy of the competition that have only ink pens and hats to give out. A good sign company should be able to help you design your graphics for windows, or awards as well as any other signage needs you may have from banners to architectural signs.

Advertising With Color Printing On Glass

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Color printing on glass has revolutionized the way that images can be presented.  Thanks to the innovation and technological advances that continue on a daily basis, more businesses are turning to this type of display for a number of reasons.  Some of these reasons may include adding their company logo to the entry door of the business, or advertising a specific product or brand.

Computers have changed many things in modern times, and color printing on glass is no exception.  Because there is no need to redesign a different type of screen for each single color, the costs are kept to a minimum in comparison to other types of jobs from the past.  This means that adding a logo or photograph to any glass surface is now not only possible, but very affordable as well, making its appeal even better.

Part of the reason why color printing on glass is so much easier than other types of image capturing processes is because the computer can upload the image and lettering and save it into a folder.  From there it can be manipulated into many different sizes and fonts.  The main template can be saved so that it can be accessed for future jobs should the customer require to repeat the order.  Of course the shop can also opt to save the template and make changes to it in order to suit another customers needs in the future.

Color printing on glass has changed the advertising industry in a beautiful and elegant way.  With the options that are now available, it is easier than ever for a company to stand out by showcasing their logo or catch phrase in a vibrant and eye-catching way.

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