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Finding Reliable Glass Printing Services

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Choosing a sign company capable of providing high quality glass printing services has never been easier.  There are numerous companies, whether online or down the road that are capable of providing superior imagery for those often fragile surfaces.  Utilizing the appropriate techniques ensures a better design, and usually at an affordable rate.

What are some of the most popular techniques?

Laser etching is extremely effective and can cut on a surface that is both fragile and thin without breakage.  Laser etching allows for the surface to have a delicate design while retaining the surface strength.  These designs are exceptionally desirable and make for a superior product.

While silk screening is another popular style associated with glass printing, the technique is much older.  However, silk screening techniques have advanced a great deal because of new technologies.  This process has been used for centuries to transfer a design to a multitude of surfaces.  Silk screening brings realistic and lively designs to the surface.

To receive the desired results, a certain process must be followed.  First, the medium or technique is chosen.  Once that choice has been made, the desired results are investigated to make sure that it will produce the look the client is wanting.  The machine that is going to be used is prepped and the image (supplied by either the sign company or the client) is transferred to the surface.

Sign companies provide a copious number of options.  Having a high quality sign company for those glass printing services will guarantee an exceptional end product.  Whether the techniques are ancient or new, today’s advanced technologies bring a cleaner, stronger, and more effective product that does not have to break the bank.

Opting For Digital Printing On Glass

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

When every detail has to be perfect, why not choose digital printing on glass?  It looks very clean and professional.  It makes the company look as if they are focused on each and every aspect of the business, even the smallest details. This can also help make a good first impression to a potential customer.

Many people know that they can go to the local shop and have signs and banners made to order, but they may not be aware that digital printing on glass is even possible.  Most of the time windows and other types of crystal are seen etched or painted.  Both of these options are still available, but they are not as feasible, reliable or affordable as digital printing on glass can be.  Also, neither painting nor etching can deliver the professional results like this can.

Inclusion of color and photography is also possible when opting for digital printing on glass.  This would be very handy for a business that wants to add their own custom logo on to their windows or doors.  The revolutionary technological breakthroughs in inkjet usage has made all of this possible where it would have been deemed impossible just a few years ago.

This type of transfer of images is much more affordable than the other options that may exist in the market today. This is just another way for a business to get their message out.  Company colors and information such as opening and closing hours, as well as days that the business operates can be included.  This is a sleek way to do the ordinary task of communicating to the customer.

Benefits From Using Glass Printing Services

Monday, February 27th, 2012

There are a number of opportunities uniquely provided by glass printing services.  Whether the surface is an outside door, a window, a table top, or a shower door, any surface can be made better with an idea and the appropriate equipment.

What are some examples of equipment utilized by glass printing services?

A digital machine with wide-format capabilities allows the transfer of an image or idea onto another medium.  Even fragile materials will be transformed into the imagination of the property owner.  Of course, the types of inks utilized are vital as well, especially when a digital machine is utilized for the project.

Some glass printing services also use an inkjet machine capable of providing unique imagery onto the surface in a professional and cost effective manner.  However, utilizing this type of method should involve a chemist or someone with a lot of knowledge when it comes to transferring images to such a fragile surface.

Other glass printing services utilize a method of laminating the image to the surface.  However, it is usually still a necessity to treat the surface with heat to get a solid object that is capable of withstanding cleaners often associated with this method.  A dull product is almost worse than a plain product, and that dullness is usually what the property owner is trying to avoid.

Many companies may offer glass printing services, but only a truly good company will provide all the necessary steps involved to insure a completed project that really knows how to pop.

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