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Outdoor Retail Displays Attract Attention

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

There are many reasons for a company to invest in one or more marketing tools, and purchasing an outdoor display can prove to be very profitable.  With careful consideration, the marketing team can provide the company with advertising signage ideas that will help them attract the attention of people in the area.

This type of signage will have to be made from a weather proof material, which usually consists of either acrylic or vinyl.  This is to help insure that it will not fade or crack as easily as a wood based product would.

Vinyl banners are a common type of outdoor signage.  They provide valuable information to a large audience at a very minimal cost.  Apartment complexes use them to promote their property or new renovations.  Retail and grocery stores use them for upcoming sales and inventory close out events.

Sidewalk signs have always been very popular and are easy to put up and take down.  There are a variety of options available. Parking lots use them to advertise the cost to park for special events.  Sandwich deli’s and coffee shops use those neon liquid chalk boards to advertise daily specials.  Automotive shops use the types that have interchangeable letters to announce oil change specials or discounts on flushing the cooling system.

Once the company has decided what type of outdoor display they need, the sign company can assist with all the other details.  Most signage companies have a design team ready to help with graphic imaging, color combination options, and adding company logos.  Each step of the process will easily be handled by the customer service representative.

The Benefits Of Using Indoor Signage

Friday, April 27th, 2012

The use of indoor signage is highly effective for promoting a sale or a particular product. Putting something in writing and letting it speak for itself has been the advertisement of choice for many years. It started with handmade signs and leaflets and then it moved on to brochures and flyers.  Today, all of the same information that was once reserved for being printed on materials such as paper can now be transferred to nearly any material thanks to the advent of graphic printers.  Now it is possible to achieve high quality prints that include fonts of various colors and sizes, as well as premium graphics for any type of indoor signage.

For maximum exposure, the placement of the advertisement is very important. The doorway or a window on the front of the establishment is an effective way to draw people inside.  Once inside, they will look at other indoor signage that may promote a special sale or a new product that has just been received.

Sometimes a business is in a location for months before the community realizes that they are there.  Using indoor signage in the front window is a great way to tell those in the area that there is a new place to shop or eat in town. Many businesses will utilize this type of signage as a way to let customers know that a change in location is about to take place, or that a new location is also being opened in addition to the existing one. Whatever it is that the business wants to relay to the public, indoor signage can get the job done in an inexpensive but professional manner.

How To Use A Business Advertising Sign Properly

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Companies will find great value in using a business advertising sign to inform current clientele and draw in additional customers.  They are a widely used means for marketing the products and services that a company has to offer.  When placed in a widely viewed location with the target audience in mind, this type of display will continue to reach viewers on an ongoing basis and maximize the company’s short and long term marketing objectives.

A business advertising sign is available in many sizes and styles. The appropriate display for a given company will depend on the location in which it will reside. There are larger billboards as well as the mobile transit style that is often seen on buses and taxis. Certain locations will require more specific formats, such as those that are used on the sides of buildings, whether it is a stationary advertisement, a digital projection, or a free-standing model that can be relocated from one area to another. There are a large and versatile number of options for the owner of any type of building or space when it comes to getting their company noticed.

There are many qualified companies available to produce a successful business advertising sign. They will assist in the selection of location, materials and most effective content. From size and color to font type and specific wording, they will provide insight into designing an engaging display that will follow any applicable state and local regulations. When carefully planned and maintained, a business advertising sign can be an affordable and highly effective means to reaching both current and future customers.

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