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The ADA Requirements For Signs

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Beginning in 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act set forth ADA requirements to ensure that all architectural signage takes into account the many limitations of their patrons.  These accessibility regulations guarantee those that are visually, audibly, mentally, and mobility impaired are not discriminated against.  They are to be allowed the same access to a business as those without limitations.  The American National Standards Institute oversees the detailed ADA requirements to guarantee that all business signage is uniform and informative for all patrons.  When present, this can greatly reflect the professional reputation of any company.

The most common wayfinding signs displayed throughout public facilities must comply with numerous ADA requirements with regards to their ease of use.  The surface should have a non-glare finish with highly contrasting colors between the background and characters.  Traffic and parking signage do not fall under this aspect of the law due to their need of a reflective appearance.  The font utilized should be simple and be within a 5/8 inch to 2 inches height range.  Grade 2, or Contracted Braille, must be present under the corresponding printed letters or numbers.  These raised characters must be at least 1/32 of an inch in depth.

Pictograms are widely used to illustrate a particular location or service.  These include symbols for the hearing impaired such as an ear, a keyboard, or a phone.  The wheelchair symbol is used for accessibility purposes.

The placement of signage is also covered under the ADA requirements.  Tactile displays must be mounted no less than 48 inches and no higher than 60 inches from the finished floor surface and placed on the nearest vacant wall.

In working with an experienced sign company, a business can guarantee that any necessary signage complies with each of the ADA requirements.

Why ADA Compliant Signage Is So Important

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA compliant signage is now a part of everyday life of those who need it the most.  This is a great thing for those who may have sight impairments, hearing impairments or another type of disability that would make living in a world without these placards much more difficult. It is against the law for a building or business that serves the public to put up any type of placards or identifying labels that are not equipped with the Act mandated guidelines.

People who need the ADA compliant signage can rest assured that it will be there no matter what type of a building or business they must enter.  These may be placed on the front door, the restroom, and the various areas found in a public building. There must be placards that have the proper sized fonts and colors that tell the visitor what the area is used for.  It must also display the proper pictogram, as well as braille for the sight impaired.

If a person with a hearing impairment is in need of a phone, it is imperative that they be able to identify that the phone is equipped with TTY or text telephone.  They can see this by looking at the pictogram on the placard that is placed on public telephones.  This is just another reason why ADA compliant signage is so important.

A person who has sight impairments will rely heavily on the braille lettering that is mandatory on all signs, so that they can easily read the placards.  This is another reason why ADA compliant signage is so valuable to those who may have a disability or impairment.

Having The Appropriate ADA Restroom Signage

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Having appropriate ADA restroom signage is an associated law enforceable with stiff penalties and fines. Any business or establishment offering lavatory facilities must have the appropriate markings pointing people in the right direction to reach those facilities. In addition, the lavatory should be marked as gender specific if there is more than one facility.

There are numerous types of companies offering ADA restroom signage. Whether purchased online or at a local storefront, the right type of posting is generally straightforward, bold, and easily accessible and viewable to all people. What good is information if it is not easily viewed by the customer?

All ADA restroom signage is generally going to have a dark blue or black background with raised lettering and pictures that are light in color. The contrast in color is important to insure people recognize and have access to the information. In addition, Braille is necessary and generally placed underneath the lettering.

The placement of the ADA restroom signage is important too. The placement is going to take place exactly 60 inches from the floor on the wall adjacent to the latch on the door. The placement is so people do not get hit by a door opening or closing, and that the eye does not have to go too far in either direction to find the information.

There are a lot of reasons to have ADA restroom signage. Whether it is for legal purposes or to just reach out to the customer base, the information plays a vital role in making the lavatory easily accessible to all who enter the building.

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