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Outdoor Signs Can Range from Banners to Sandwich Boards

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

A fairly low-cost form of advertising for almost any business would be utilizing outdoor signs. These are available in different formats which make them a perfect fit for any marketing campaign. Narrowing down which one would be the best fit will depend on what type of product or business is being featured.

Two examples of signage would be banners and sandwich boards. Sandwich boards are regularly used by cafés and restaurants. They will use them to post the catch of the day, daily special, highlight a particular menu item. Some will even use this type of display to post their entire menu. These are popular for this type of industry because it can be cleaned easily and changed daily.

Smaller retail stores are using them as well as it gives them the flexibility to change it often without any additional cost. They often use them to advertise an ongoing sale or highlight an event that may be taking place. It is a great way to advertise to locals, but also people that may be visiting from out of town that are walking around the area and are unfamiliar with what it has to offer.

Custom banners are another great choice when it comes to advertising with outdoor signs. These can be made to fit almost any need. It may need to be large enough for people to read it from across the way, or small enough to fit in the window of the store. With the right color choices, these really have the ability to pop and grab the attention of potential customers. Many times they are used to advertise large sales or big events.

From small business and churches to local towns and cities, outdoor signs have become a very popular way to get the word out about a special event or a blowout sale. They are affordable and easy to maintain.

Safety Signs Are Important In The Workplace

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

To maintain a safe working environment, businesses will need a variety of safety signs posted where a person could potentially injure themselves.  There are several laws that help reinforce the use of these postings to make sure customers and employees are secure from any dangers.  If something happens to a customer and there were no warnings posted, then the company could be facing a lawsuit.  An organization such as the ADA was formed to make all postings easily readable and seen from a distance for the handicapped.  They made a list of regulations that must be followed when making safety signs and other types as well.  Setting rules up so that all of them will look one certain way allows anyone to spot the notices from far away.

The most common type of these postings would have to be the exit signs and fire escape postings.  Exits were meant for more than just to tell customers how to leave the building.  They are there to let everyone know that they can get out of the building through these doors if there is a fire or some other emergency.  The fire escape postings tell people that this is the emergency route that will be taken if a fire breaks out.

If an employee has to do a lot of lifting, it is important that they do it properly so that they will not get hurt.  There are safety signs in all areas where lifting may occur to remind the employees to be careful.  If not done properly, they could pull muscles and seriously injure their backs.

Most people today will think a no smoking notice is just there because it’s a law or rule, but it is actually there to help protect everyone.  Smoke is proven to harm or even kill people, so most places do not allow it anymore.  These safety signs will need to be in any area where a customer can either sit down or have to wait on something.  Several workplaces will have designated smoking areas for those who insist on smoking.

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