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Types And Styles Of Construction Signage

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Appropriate messages must be relayed to people in and around a worksite with proper construction signage providing that valuable written resource. A worksite can be on the roadside, next to a dam, or even in a subdivision. Regardless of the location, if workers need to build, repair, alter, or demolish something, a sign company is going to be necessary to guarantee compliance with OSHA and ANSI guidelines.

A good example of this would be a danger message that is relayed with the colors red, black, and white. Usually, the background is white with red and black added to the font and message delivered. Rectangular shapes are highly desirable because they offer sufficient area for the message to be displayed. In addition, the edges must be free of sharp edges, so the corners are usually slightly rounded.

A cautionary message is relayed with yellow, black, and white. Examples of cautionary messages may include labels for a hard hat area, employee parking, or even a large equipment warning. These messages are informative and come in handy when the workers need to know where to park or when people need to know the area is dangerous and requires that they wear hard hats.

A notice message is generally blue and white. These labels provide direct information such as requirements for hair nets, respirators, or hearing protection.

With so many types and styles of construction signage necessary and available, it is essential for a worksite to find a good company capable of providing those required messages. Trusting a subpar company could result in stiff fines and penalties from governing agencies. Deciding on a reputable and reliable sign supplier is a vital part of success, and this type of company will be up to date on all of the latest guidelines for these important postings.

Having Signs Made By Acrylic Fabricators

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Hardware stores and department stores sell premade signs, but only acrylic fabricators can actually design the special types of signs that are often necessary for a business.  What a customer might see is a long sheet of plastic, but the artisans that make and print the signs look at that sheet and see the potential.  When a consumer sees a sign that is prefabricated, they often see the need for it to be larger, smaller or customized to their specific needs. That’s the problem with products that are made on a production line in a factory.  They are generalized and not able to be customized.

There are thousands of possibilities that a company can take advantage of when ordering their own custom made signage. Some ideas would be raised font, large letters, small letters, black font on a white background, or white font on a black background, as well as a host of other colors to choose from. There is really an infinite amount of variations to choose from, and this process only has the limitations of the customer’s imagination.

Photographs, graphics and any other type of art work can be included on the signs made by acrylic fabricators.  They can make any type of sign from those that are freestanding on a frame to those that might hang from above, and they can do this with ease.

Whenever a customer chooses to do business with a sign company that makes custom designs, they know that they will get a better deal than those who simply take the orders and send them to a third party to have them manufactured. This is because a print shop that makes and prints their own signage will have the proper equipment, technology and technicians to get the job done accurately and promptly.

Printing On Glass Offers A Unique Opportunity

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

There are many technologies available today that allow a consumer to get high quality products by printing on glass. Knowing what to choose when it comes to getting better designs often helps the purchaser figure out whether or not the product fits within a budget and if the proposed purchase will suit the need. Of course, every customer requires something different, and as such, every purchase is a customized design meeting the purchaser’s need.

Windows are a popular medium for advertising these days. There are a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes for those windows, but a high quality sign company will understand how to get the best for the money. Enormous windows on sky scrapers can benefit from messages etched in the surface, and smaller side windows on residential properties can utilize many of the decorative properties associated with this process.

Doors are another popular medium for those seeking the services of a professional sign company. Etching a business logo and hours of operation is both affordable and precise, allowing intricate images and designs to be transferred to the surface.

Large mirrors, pictures, screens, and even skylights can benefit from the use of printing on glass. Sure there are numerous options for getting that design on to the medium, but some of those options are better suited to getting the results the consumer desires. Regardless of the size of the pane, this process provides an invaluable service for those folks wanting an intricate message or design to be added to an otherwise fragile surface.

Advertising And Marketing With Indoor Displays

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

When it comes to choosing better marketing tools for a storefront, few things are as effective or affordable as indoor displays. These units often start at under $100, and most of the systems can be customized on the spot for easily relaying new messages or sales of the day. Have a new marketing campaign coming up? Few things provide the benefits with minimal hassles.

What are some examples of viable advertising options?

Illuminated units, floor stands, light boxes, and even various frames can be utilized to advertise or market a storefront. Each system has its own benefits and advantages, but those used inside tend to excel at promoting daily messages that keep those potential customers coming back for more.

Generally, indoor displays are constructed of heavy duty aluminum allowing the units to achieve lightness for mobility and strength for durability. However, some units are made of a reinforced plastic to the same affect. The LED lights are generally very bright and durable, making them easily used for years to come. In addition, the materials used in the construction of these units help insure easy maintenance and cleaning.

A reputable sign company is capable of providing affordable and effective options for any type of advertising. There are numerous styles and types to choose from, insuring maximum exposure. While it may be tempting to utilize those units intended for inside use outdoors, it is best to use those made of weatherproof materials outside. Most of the inside units are designed without some of the features found in outdoor units. Having the right style and type of unit helps ensure that safety, security, and effectiveness is maintained.

Exploring How Display Systems Work

Monday, May 21st, 2012

There are numerous components involved when designing successful display systems.  Not all customers have similar needs, therefore these exhibits are often custom designed to meet the needs of each individual business.  Trusses, graphics, podiums, flooring, and lighting are all important parts of any exhibit.  Finding the best fit for the need insures that maximized results are achieved.

One consideration is for the overall size of the exhibit.  The most common sizes used are a 10′ by 10′, a 12′ by 12′, or the grand 20′ by 20′.  Customizing the framework to accommodate whatever the business may need is another option. When choosing the exhibit, consideration should be made regarding the area that has been rented. Not all event venues offer large spaces, so it is important to know the size ahead of time.

Flooring is another consideration.  Not all units include this aspect, but many businesses like the added benefits that come with this type of option.  It will help bring distinction to the exhibit as well as giving it a finished and polished look.  Graphic designs can be added to the flooring for added emphasis.

Lighting is another important item to consider when designing the layout.  There are many advantages uses for adding various luminescents throughout the display.  They will aid in highlighting vital information for the public, showcase products, and add a touch of fun.  Each exhibit will should include customized lighting to insure the best exposure while maintaining the event regulations.

Contacting a specialist who has experience in introducing businesses to custom exhibits and display systems will solidify the overall success of any tradeshow or event they may have in the upcoming years.

Using Acrylic Display Cabinets

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Made from affordable and safe materials, acrylic display cabinets are used to showcase just about anything one would want to protect from damage, theft and dirt. These cases are often custom made to assure that the box will be the correct size for whatever is to be stored in it.

Aside from the ease to replace and the safety factor, acrylic is strongly preferred as a base to build cases because it is so lightweight and easy to handle. It is strong enough that it can take high impacts and absorb them.  They also reduce the harmful UV light rays that can damage valuable goods. This is a pliable material that is also see-through, so it gives a very clear view of the contents inside. Many are choosing this material over glass due to its ability to be formed into unique pieces, as well as it not causing injury should it break.

Museums use these types of cases to showcase their fossils, artifacts and documents. They prefer this type of material as they are able to protect the contents from unnecessary damage due to people touching them.  They can also be fitted for locks to keep precious memorabilia from being stolen. This is an excellent way to preserve the integrity of anything important, while still being able to be seen by those who are interested.

Anyone can benefit from acrylic display cabinets by using them for valued baseball items, dolls and collectible cards. They are also used by retailers to help draw in new customers, showing them in 360 degree view what the store has to offer.

Regulations Regarding ADA Bathroom Signs

Monday, May 14th, 2012

There are several regulations regarding an ADA bathroom sign. The American Disability Act has gone to great lengths to give all persons equal access to all public facilities. There are many federal laws that a business must adhere to when providing access for the community, specifically catering to those with disabilities.

There are a multitude of options available when looking to get an ADA bathroom sign. This classification is not limited to the placard next to the door. There are postings within the restroom as well. Some of the most common placards are for hand washing and notification stating that there is a baby changing area.

An ADA bathroom sign can come with several options. Some will have a reflective paint on them. They can have wording or just a simple picture. The wording can be multi-lingual and have Braille at the bottom. Some can be mounted directly to the ceiling, while others can be placed directly on the door. Some of the signs are geometric in shape and are universally known by their shape. Men are represented by a triangle and women are represented by a circle.

An ADA bathroom sign that is attached to either the door or the wall next to the door must be placed at 60 inches from the floor to the center of the placard. The other restriction is that there cannot be anything protruding past 3 inches from the wall that may prohibit a person with a disability from being able to get right up to the placard.
Different styles and color combinations can be chosen. It all depends on the owner and what they want. As long as the placards contrast against the door or wall color and meet the other necessary guidelines, they will be sure to be in compliance with the laws.

What You Need To Know About ADA Handicap Signs

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Knowing the regulations set forth by the American with Disabilities Act can seem daunting, especially when looking for the proper ADA handicap sign for a new business. There are numerous types and styles of signs necessary to insure compliance with this act. Whether in the parking lot, bathroom, or entry way, the right labels welcome in a larger target audience while complying with mandated policies.

Some of the most common areas these types of placards can be found are listed below.

Parking lot – The first place individuals will likely notice these accessibility labels are in the parking lot. A specific number of accessible spaces are required by law. One accessible space is needed for up to 25 spaces; nine accessible spaces are needed for between 401 and 500 total spaces in the lot. These spaces must be extra wide to allow for van accessibility. An international accessibility label must be in place with each space.

Ramps and doors – There must be a way for disabled individuals to enter the storefront. A ramp must be placed for accessibility and doors must be easily opened by everyone. A placard in this area will include arrows leading individuals to the entrance and exit.


Bathrooms – One of the most common places to see a placard of this nature is on the entrance to a bathroom. Generally, a facility will include appropriate labeling to insure males and females understand which direction to go, but it is vital to add the international accessibility logo to the label. In addition, the label must include braille for those with visual impairments.

Having an ADA handicap sign in the appropriate location helps insure everyone enjoys life equally.

Choosing The Ideal Custom Banner

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Choosing the ideal custom banners is easy when one hires a reputable sign company to help with the design and manufacturing of the advertisement. Any establishment, regardless of the industry can benefit from employing exceptional advertising tools. The signage that is purchased should include appropriate color schemes, high quality materials, and effective messages. Each sign has the opportunity to work for the business or organization, providing affordable solutions to marketing and advertising while drawing in potential customers with powerful words, catchy phrases and exceptional graphics.


Vinyl signs work exceptionally well outdoors as they are able to withstand drastic temperature and weather changes. Many organizations can use these colorful and informative signs to draw the focus of the person passing by. Libraries can advertise an upcoming event or book sale, a museum can display images of an upcoming exhibit, and an apartment complex can announce their newly remodeled and updated apartments.


Another great reason people decide to this type of advertisement is that they can be either static or dynamic. A car dealership may utilize signs that never change, depicting models and brands that are most frequently sold.  On the other hand, that same car dealership may utilize this kind of advertisement to alert the public of their most recent arrivals or promotional campaigns.


Custom banners work exceptionally well by enhancing the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether those signs are always changing or always remain the same, it is important that any successful business reach maximum potential by catching the focus of the potential customer.

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