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Benefits From Using Modern Graphic Design

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Modern graphic design is used to create signage for acquainting goods and services to a wide spectrum of people.  This type of artwork utilizes current hardware and software in computer technology to produce stunning and compelling pieces that draw the attention of the public.

Professionals at sign companies keep abreast of the ever changing programs available to produce cutting edge products for modern graphic design.  Their talents and knowledge are utilized to help clients create advertising wear that relays significant information in a relatively small amount of space.  To do this, they combine pictures, photos, lettering, and drawings into an attractive presentation on a computer program.  A client’s own drawing, photos, or paintings can be used in this medium and scanned into the desired product.  The technician is also able to produce original work with the programs to suit the needs of the sign company’s client.  Using their artistic sense of balance and art appeal, these computer artists create advertising masterpieces.  Depending on the target audience and the product or service that is being promoted, particular colors are used to help emphasize the type of message that the client wishes to convey.  From banners, event backdrops, and storefront vinyl signage to full car wraps, the versatility of this advertising medium is impressive.  The artwork can be used in a variety of ways to help a company sell its wares or promote its services.

Modern graphic design has plenty of major details and arrangement to grab people’s attention for this type of advertisement.
With the use of modern graphic design, computer artists help businesses effectively advertise to target audiences by combining pictures, photos, or drawings with short messages that are used to create attractive signage.

Corporate Signs Are Vital For Any Business’ Success

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Having appropriate exterior and interior corporate signs is a vital part of any business’ success.  Proper labels keep foot traffic moving in the correct direction while helping get people to restrooms and emergency stations when necessary.  In addition, exterior placards can assist delivery people in getting to the right location.  They will also direct traffic to the appropriate parking spaces.

Imagine a hospital with no exterior signage for directing traffic.  The parking lot would be extremely congested.  Proper postings help insure that motorized and foot traffic get to their destination safely.  In addition, interior labels help direct people to the right office or room.

Many corporate signs act as an identity for that business.  Modern and classic examples of placards help identify locations and the name of the business.  How difficult would it be to find a Macy’s or Ace Hardware without an exterior posting identifying the business?

Interior corporate signs will direct people to the restroom, and in fact, restroom labels are required by law.  Restroom corporate signs need to be placed in specific locations, and they need to be a specific color as dictated by federal regulations.  Restrooms may vary depending on whether the person using the facility is a guest or an employee, but all notices need to be similarly placed and visibly understandable by all who are in the building.

Some corporate signs can vary according to the owner’s personal preferences, and sometimes they will be dictated according to state and federal regulations.  To insure no fines are faced, ADA and fire escape placards must meet specific requirements.  If the purchaser has difficulty in finding the right ones, a wayfinding consultant will be able to help them choose the correct placards for the need.

The ADA Requirements For Signs

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Beginning in 1992, the Americans with Disabilities Act set forth ADA requirements to ensure that all architectural signage takes into account the many limitations of their patrons.  These accessibility regulations guarantee those that are visually, audibly, mentally, and mobility impaired are not discriminated against.  They are to be allowed the same access to a business as those without limitations.  The American National Standards Institute oversees the detailed ADA requirements to guarantee that all business signage is uniform and informative for all patrons.  When present, this can greatly reflect the professional reputation of any company.

The most common wayfinding signs displayed throughout public facilities must comply with numerous ADA requirements with regards to their ease of use.  The surface should have a non-glare finish with highly contrasting colors between the background and characters.  Traffic and parking signage do not fall under this aspect of the law due to their need of a reflective appearance.  The font utilized should be simple and be within a 5/8 inch to 2 inches height range.  Grade 2, or Contracted Braille, must be present under the corresponding printed letters or numbers.  These raised characters must be at least 1/32 of an inch in depth.

Pictograms are widely used to illustrate a particular location or service.  These include symbols for the hearing impaired such as an ear, a keyboard, or a phone.  The wheelchair symbol is used for accessibility purposes.

The placement of signage is also covered under the ADA requirements.  Tactile displays must be mounted no less than 48 inches and no higher than 60 inches from the finished floor surface and placed on the nearest vacant wall.

In working with an experienced sign company, a business can guarantee that any necessary signage complies with each of the ADA requirements.

Designing Pop Up Displays

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Pop up displays are one option when it comes to trade shows or other similar locations where there are large exhibits needed. These marketing tools can be made in different shapes, styles and sizes, and there is nearly no limit to what can be done when it comes to the design. The customer might choose to focus on their company logo for their pop up displays in order to try to make people recognize it in the future. Or, he might decide to focus on something completely different from the company logo and choose an attention grabbing design or photo that will have a direct impact on increasing his business.

This of course might mean that the customer will need to spend a good deal of time planning and designing the pop up displays it will ultimately use. While the sign company will do the actual work and turn out the end product, the customer will want to be involved in the design stage, in order to be sure he is getting the product he wants. If this is the first time purchasing such a product, it is probably a good idea to get some guidance along the way. The plastics fabrication company he works with can give him a good idea of what he needs, and the design team will be able to answer any questions he may have. Working together, they can design a product that will help drive foot traffic to the booth through the use of pop up displays for the trade show. Using these types of tools is an excellent way to increase business and revenue.

Get The Word Out With A Full Car Wrap

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

A full car wrap is expertly designed by a sign company to attract the attention of those whose view it crosses.  Mobile advertising is at its best in the form of a full car wrap.  Companies utilizing this tool have benefitted greatly.

Name recognition is extremely important when trying to build clientele lists.  Mobile signage is an excellent way to achieve this goal of greater visibility in the public eye.  A vehicle covered in a full car wrap travels through communities and brings with it effortless publicity for business.

The material used to create this moving billboard is a thin vinyl that is very durable.  It clings tenaciously to the vehicle.  Design teams can help customize the film that covers everywhere there is paint.  The film is see-through, but the graphics and lettering pop out with attractive intensity that contrasts to the background paint of the vehicle.  Seasonal promotions and sales are great items to promote with this type of sign.  This product is easy to remove without harming the paint.  The advertising can simply be taken off when it is no longer needed.  Then, another ad or promotion can take its place.

Many companies offer the option of viewing possible designs on virtual vehicles.  This allows the customer to determine if the planned graphic design will work for their type of vehicle.  When the sign company has completed the creation of the vehicle vinyl signage, they will install the wrap so that it adheres correctly without wrinkling or peeling.

For the best in mobile signage, a full car wrap is a great option.  They can reach a wide variety of people in a short amount of time.

Finding And Purchasing Retail Store Displays

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Few things are as unique and effective as purchasing custom retail store displays. Many businesses will consider price, but the whole picture is never seen unless the actual return on the investment is put into the equation. Sure, custom fabricated presentations, gondolas, and fixtures initially cost more. However, the merchandise exhibited on those uniquely designed products is more likely to be seen and sold to potential customers.

What can a business expect when investing in custom retail store displays? Where does a business find those custom retail store displays?

A sign fabrication company may be the first place to turn when interested in any type of fabricated presentations or exhibits. Sign fabrication provides the resources, utilities, and experience necessary to develop a plan of action; also to get the best in custom presentations, gondolas, and fixtures.

When ready to invest in those custom-made retail store displays, businesses will discover it is necessary to get the exact measurements for the fabrication company. Even a small miscalculation can cause the investment not to fit into the provided space. Sometimes, unique shapes are necessary, and even those measurements need to be exact. The sign fabrication company will generally stay in close contact with the business to double-check all measurements and specifications provided.

Remember, measure twice, cut once!

Deciding to purchase custom retail store displays is a great idea for many business owners. Whether making a purchase because of space constraints, or making a purchase to offer something unique to the business, custom designs may cost more upfront, but the return on the investment is well-worth the extra time, effort, and money invested into the purchase.

Ideas For Expo Displays

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

A little research and help from a professional designer can result in expo displays that demand attention.  The right types of lighting that is either soft or bright enough can serve as a spotlight to shine on the product, goods or services that are being offered.  Video screens that show the detailed process that takes place during the delivery of the goods or services being offered can be another type of tool used to make sure that the expo displays which a company presents at a trade show are successful.

Design professionals will have a lot of insight into the world of trade shows, especially those that have been in their area before.  They will have the inside scoop on what is and is not effective, and they will also be able to thwart any last minute changes that may be forced because of a rules violation.  This can save a lot of time, energy, money and stress levels exploding off the charts by those who are trying to attract new customers to their business.

It is important to make sure that the expo displays not only greet the clients that are coming through the trade show, but keeps their attention so that they can learn more about the products and the goods that are being presented by the company.

Signs, banners and placards are also great tools to use for a company’s expo displays.  They can be placed in strategic locations around and above the booth so that the prospective clientele can see it and be directed to the booth. Hiring a professional will give the client an edge over the various competitive companies that are also vying for those same customers.

The Benefits Of Having Signs Made To Order

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The best thing about deciding on signs made to order is that they will reflect exactly what the customer wants to convey instead of having to accept something that is close to their needs.  Many times it is vitally important that the color of the banners are specific or that the font is much larger for those who may have trouble viewing it.  When there are so many different aspects that come into play, it only makes sense that a company would much rather have signs made to order as opposed to settling for something that doesn’t suit the needs of the business.

Of course it goes without saying that by choosing signs made to order, it is possible to customize the product with graphics that are specific to the target audience that they will be hoping to attract as well as being specific to the company that is displaying the banners.

It is also possible to take advertisement to the next level and make it mobile.  Most companies have at least one car and at most several vehicles that are used for delivery of products or services, installation or repair.   What better place to display an advertisement than on a vehicle that will serve as a billboard while it navigates through the city streets or the roads of a specific area.  Vinyl graphics can also be chosen as signs made to order for vehicles and boats.

It is possible to get the right size of banner and the proper font whether it is something such as Arial or something a little more artistic such as a calligraphy font.  Even specific colors are not a problem.

Custom Outdoor Signs Are Effective For Anyone

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Custom outdoor signs are a highly effective marketing tool for any size company.  Their dimensions, location, and message all play a role in the audience they reach.  When designed with the company and their advertising goals in mind, custom outdoor signs can ultimately increase their overall customer base and give a positive image in the industry.  Both current and prospective clientele can view such displays from various distances to learn more regarding the product and service being promoted.  This marketing approach is quite inexpensive and simple to create while remaining visually appealing and beneficial for both the customer and the company.

Custom outdoor signs are available in a variety of styles.  The one chosen will be dependent on a number of factors, including the location, the size of the sign, and the function of the display.  Banners and sandwich boards are smaller options generally placed on or close to the place of business.  Billboards and digital mobile displays inform a larger audience from a distance.  The materials the display is constructed of will depend on the type that is needed and the location it will be placed.  Material options range from wood and metal to acrylic and vinyl.

The information conveyed on custom outdoor signs must be simple yet enticing to the target demographic.  This can be accomplished through color as well as the font size, style, and shape.  Each aspect must complement each other while providing an ideal contrast.  Various coloring options can provide an intended emotional response regarding the advertisement.  More than one font style, size, and shape can be utilized for emphasis.  An experienced sign company can make certain that each detail is addressed.

Pole Banners Are Great For Anything

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Pole banners are excellent ways to advertise upcoming public events or for business promotions.  They are available in many sizes.  Pole banners are artful, attention-grabbing signs that give companies and organizations the advantage of being noticed at various venues.

Constructed out of vinyl or canvas material, these signs are durable.  The message is printed on the material by a state-of-the-art computerized machine.  Many templates are available from which customers can choose a design.  Alternatively, they may want to customize their own.  Specialists are available to assist businesses and organizations with design and graphics in the creation of these banners.  They are a useful tool for advertising a business’s specialties, community events, dealerships sales, and special occasions.

Various sizes are available to meet the variety of needs a client will have.  For example, when a dealership is advertising specials, they may select a smaller 18 x 36 inch version for posting in their parking lots.  However, if one is promoting a concert, a large 30 x 84 inch sign would be perfect for displaying outside the venue.  These larger postings can be seen from long distances and are helpful in promoting events that are taking place in large buildings.

Community events are nicely announced to the public with medium-sized signs attached along main streets.  Pole banners are durable due to their superior construction and accompanying hardware bracket sets.  They are able to withstand the harsh weather, giving them the ability to continue sending out their message even through the harshest of storms.

To promote businesses and large community events, incorporating pole banners is an excellent choice.  They are a durable form of signage that will come in many design options.  They are attractive and will successfully disseminate information in prominent places around town.

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