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What Colors Are Best for Outdoor Advertising?

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

When a business starts to consider using outdoor advertising, what colors are the best to use?  Is there a difference?  Does it really make an impact?  Anyone that has done any research into outdoor advertising banners or signs would answer that with a resounding, yes.  Colors can make all the difference in the world when it comes to grabbing the attention of a potential customer or when trying to convey a message and can have a decided effect on a company’s branding.

Color is so important in business signs for outdoors advertising for many reasons.  First, it needs to grab people’s attention.  It also needs to be readable and convey the right message.  This is where color plays such a vital role.  Using the wrong color, or combination thereof, can be a costly mistake.

Taking a good look at the color wheel can help a person see what colors are complimentary and cohesive. Colors that are on the opposite ends of the color wheel are called complimentary colors.  These are great ones to use together.  If someone needs to use three colors, then they can place three points on the color wheel to form a triangle, and those colors will work well together too.

Choosing the right colors is paramount to outdoor advertising, especially since colors can convey different emotions.  Yellow is a very popular color in this category.  Using yellow with blue can convey a feeling of calm and happiness.  Yellow with red can convey a feeling of happiness and excitement.  Another combination that is good to use is orange and blue.  This can convey the feeling of ambition and trustworthiness.  These are all good examples of how to use color to help promote one’s business using custom outdoor signs.

Safety Signs Point the Way in Emergencies

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Safety signs are imperative to any work place.  Where they are placed in the office or office space is also very important.  They need to be where everyone can see them clearly and are understandable.  This may mean using universal signage and also incorporating braille on ADA signage.  Workplace safety signs sometimes include evacuation route notices in case of fire or other disaster.

All evacuation route safety signs need to be posted at each emergency exit.  It needs to give clear directions as to where the nearest evacuation route and meeting place is.  In offices that use elevators, evacuation routes need to also be placed at the elevator bank.  This should tell people where the nearest staircase is or other evacuation route.  This is in case of fire and other instances that the elevator would be inoperable in an emergency situation.  The business also needs to check and see if there is a requirement that emergency exit signs have to remain illuminated if there were to be a power outage as well.  In cases of fire, there should also be a well visible and accessible fire extinguisher.

Sometimes electrical safety signs are needed around their office to notify people of potential electrical hazards, and the importance of ADA sign compliance cannot be overestimated.  These are typically posted near panel boxes but can also be posted in server rooms.  Signs reminding people of health issues are also important.  It is not uncommon now to see “wash your hands” posted above every sink or on the back of the restrooms exit door.  This is a reminder to all to help maintain good health and slow the spread of colds, influenza, as well as other commonly transferred diseases.

Experienced sign companies will know what legal sign requirements apply to a particular business and can also help design attractive signage that blends with the company branding as well.

Avoid the Pitfalls When You Design Your Own Sign

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

To design your own sign there are some important steps that should be followed.  Successful communication is the result when they are followed to design your own sign. For high visibility personal or business signs, it is always a great idea to consult with experienced graphic design specialists to avoid common mistakes.

The first part of the process involves deciding on the message that needs to be communicated.  Once this is determined, choosing the best template to do the job is easy to do.  Many online sites offer numerous templates.  If the use of graphics is desired, this should be kept in mind when choosing a predesigned format.

After this step, the specific graphics need to be added to the plan.  At this point, the desired material or type of sign can be chosen.  Some are better suited for certain jobs than others, though many choose to use a vinyl graphic design especially for outdoor signs because of its versatility.  The finishing touches to design your own sign are vitally important.  These include choosing colors and balancing the lettering, graphics, and colors.  This contributes to the attractiveness of the creation and therefore, the effectiveness of its message.  Contrasting the background color with the lettering ensures that the words are visible.  The style of lettering should be adjusted at this point to guarantee the clarity is of the best quality.

There are a few simple steps that should be taken to design your own sign.  The first is to refine the message that is going to be communicated.  After this is established, a template should be chosen and the material or type of object that will be used.  Any desired graphics should then be input into the template followed by adjustments to color, balance, and lettering styles. Whether you want to make your own banner and sign or design a custom sign, the specialists at an experienced sign company are there to help every step of the way.

Wall Graphics Make a Great First Impression

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Wall graphics are often the first impression that a potential client or customer has of a business.  This is only accomplished if the wall graphics are applied in a strategic and noticeable location.  The company’s philosophy is easily communicated when this form of artwork is well placed.

When people enter a place of business, they are often absorbed in their own thoughts.  When they glance behind the counter of the receptionist’s desk, they are quickly brought into an understanding of what type of place they have entered. Reception signs are particularly effective if customers regularly wait in line near them.

The uniqueness of the wall graphics decals is the first thing that draws viewer to it.  Then, once the attention has been captured, the mind quickly takes in the significance of the type of design and the overall message the business wants to convey.  The artwork, as well as the words, communicates a message about the nature of the business and their driving philosophy.  This tells the visitors to the building something about what type of experience they should be prepared for from this locality and how they can best interact with the establishment.

If there is a vaulted ceiling in the entrance area or behind the cashier desk, then placing the artwork and message above the heads of the employees is ideal.  The large print and technologically advanced custom graphics immediately demands attention when placed in this position.  Optimizing the effectiveness of the application is what will enhance the business.

When a business desires to communicate its philosophy of operations with its clientele, the use of wall graphics provides an excellent platform.  Key places that will optimize this effect would be places like behind the reception desk or behind the cashier station.

Mini Graphics Have a Multitude of Uses

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Mini graphics are a fantastic tool for businesses.  Many helpful applications for these mini graphics exist.  These custom signs are useful for promoting new products as well as beneficial in dispersing information within and outside a company.

Informing the public of products and operational hours is a vital ingredient for success in business.  When hours change or telephone numbers change, the customers need to know.  Displaying this information on the windows and doors of a business is easy with the use of mini graphics.  These self adhesive vinyl signs can be placed on almost any un-waxed surface.  They are also useful for disseminating other necessary information such as dress codes.

Safety warnings are a very important issue with many businesses and must be placed on machinery and in strategic locations in manufacturing plants.  Because of the size and strong adhesive nature of these designs, they are ideal for the job.  These hazard warnings can be used to help a company keep their employees and their customers safe.

Splashes of color and attention getting decals are extremely beneficial types of car advertising to have on company vehicles.  Vehicle graphics grab the public’s attention, and consequently, the information on the vehicle is taken in as well.  A recognized name is a trusted one.  People are more likely to call on a business they have seen advertized in this way the next time they are in need of that service or product.

To inform the public, promote safety for employees and customers, and bolster name recognition, use of mini graphics is ideal.  Using vinyl for graphics that can be applied in locations where others are not practical make them a valuable tool for business.

Why You Should Choose Plastic Signs

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Purchasing a cost effective solution to marketing and advertising often has businesses and companies turning to plastic signs. The excellence associated with these amazing tools outweighs the slight increase in initial cost over paper. But the benefits over paper are much more intense and defined than the simple cost.

How are plastic signs better than paper?

A.    Paper is cost effective in the immediate sense, but when the final costs are evaluated, plastics are much more affordable because of durability and quality. Paper is an inferior marketing material simply because it is not as durable as other materials that are used for the same purpose.
B.    Vibrant images, custom graphics, business logos, and other options help insure that some of the more durable materials also provide a longer lifespan for the brilliant colors. When it comes to getting a realistic custom graphic design, plastic signs provide a remarkable addition for any campaign.
C.    Plastic is extremely durable withstanding weather, human conditions, and other things paper cannot withstand. Having such a durable material insures the investment will last longer giving the business more for its money.
D.    Having amazing options for advertising and marketing is a vital part of any business, great or small. Not all companies can afford expensive marketing techniques, however having durable materials as part of that marketing campaign makes the price reasonable for any business.

Getting more use for each dollar is important. Plastic signs can last a lifetime, depending on the usage. Placing such a durable material outside is not going to phase the life expectancy, and placing the same durable material inside will give a vibrant image that is customizable to the business needs.

Adding A Print To Glass

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

With the ability to transfer both photos and print, glass now becomes one of the premiere choices of materials on which to add personalization or advertisement.   In the field, scientists kept working with different types of inks until they arrived at one that would adhere to this material quite well. Once that ink was found, special ink jets were produced that could easily transfer images and print; glass became the new paper.

After the ink was developed, color also became an option.  Through screen and pad processes, it became possible to transfer color images and messages onto this surface with ease and with the knowledge that this image and word transfer would also be durable as well.  This opened up a world of possibilities for businesses, organizations and individuals the same.  It was now possible for any type of crystal to have the have the option to print on glass as a new way of advertising, marketing, and sometimes only to remember a special occasion.

This helped businesses that once had to rely on sticky labels for their decanters or hire painters to come and create an ad on the windows, which neither one were able to withstand the test of time.  Instead, this type of image transfer can be done on any surface of crystal, no matter whether it sports a round shape or not.  This is a breakthrough in the industry.  Putting a print on glass of any type is a beautiful and elegant way to present a message.

What It Takes To Make Good Trade Show Displays

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Trade show displays are extremely important to businesses or companies who want to have their services, products and ideas ready to be received by the public.  Smart managers know that being highly visible means doing the right things to make sure that the person attending an expo will visit their booth or table.  This visit may end up netting the company or business more customers than just the one that is standing before them.

These types of events can sometimes be held outside, which means the trade show displays need to be weather proof.  However, most often they are held indoors and this opens up the possibilities for display options. The location is vital information for the business or company to have because the appropriate arrangements need to be met according to where the venue is actually located.

Equally as valuable is the knowledge about the target audience and their specific information.  Trade show displays will be vastly different for one age group as they would for another.  Of course, some products and services must reach out to all age groups.  This is why it may be a good idea to allow for a design consultant to come in and help with the exhibit.

Trade show displays play an important role in the company or business’s success.  They are a way to bring the product or service to the customer instead of the customer coming to them.  It is a happy meeting in the middle that takes place in a venue where there will be lots of competition.  This is why it is vital that a company or a business put their best foot forward and do the research to score a home run at each exhibit.

Architecture Signs Help Guide Us Everyday

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Architecture signs allow visitors in any city to find their way easily and without too much stress and frustration. This is important for the visitor who has an appointment and may be running late.  The last thing that they want to encounter is searching the block numerous times trying to find the address.  A clearly displayed plaque over the main entrance will allow the visitor to easily find the right building quickly.

It also makes it possible for that visitor who has just arrived to find their way around the maze of floors, levels, corridors, hallways and offices.  Most directories will clearly indicate the floor and room number that an occupant can be found in.  Architecture signs are quite helpful and will save the visitor a lot of time as they won’t have to keep asking for directions each time they visit the building.

Architecture signs are found throughout buildings of all types.  There are those that indicate an emergency exit and those that designate the exit for everyday use.  There are those that point the way to the cafeteria and telephone bank and those that show the visitor where the nearest rest room can be found.

This type of signage is used to designate one office from another by number and name.  This allows visitors to be able to easily find the occupant or company that they are visiting.  Once inside, more placards are in place to allow for the company to offer instructions such as where to sign in or whom to call upon arrival.  Architecture signs keep the flow of traffic smooth and uninterrupted.

For those with hearing and vision impairments, it is federally mandated to have placards in place that will allow the person with the impairment to easily navigate the building with ease.

Exhibit Design Consultants Within Tradeshows

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Exhibit design consultants are professionals at making sure that the businesses they represent reach the all-important potential customers, clients and buyers that they seek to attract.  The importance of tradeshows is to make connections, get contracts and gain contacts, and the way to do that is through excellent presentation.  This excellence in presentation can only be found with the expertise that exhibit design consultants bring to the table.

These professionals bring the experience of all of their past successful clients with them and envelop the new clients with that expertise.  They know exactly how to attract attention and direct traffic to the display of the business with which they are working.  Exhibit design consultants have extensive knowledge about the role that certain colors and textures play in being recognized in a positive or negative light.

The professionals know that there are certain ways to properly display things in order for them to make a very good impression upon those viewing them for the first time.  This is extremely important at tradeshows as there is likely to be a lot of competition all vying for the potential customer’s attention.  The right display could mean the difference between getting the customer and going home empty handed.  Exhibit design consultants know this and will strive to make sure that whether the business has a booth, table, pop up display or audio and video display that it will be presented in a way that will be sure to not only bring people to the display, but it will capture their interest and make them want more.

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