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Glass Photo Printing = Art + Advertising

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Glass photo printing is a process which arose because of the constant push by photographers to find new and exciting mediums for their work. Placing prints on glass had already been in practice for two centuries before placing snapshots against this transparent material was adopted in the 19th century.

Early methods of glass photo printing included the process of fusion, emulsion, and emulsion in combination with silk screening. In fusion, the image is placed between two sheets of the medium and sealed by the kiln. During emulsion, liquid emulsion is applied to the back of the medium, the image is exposed to the emulsion liquid, and then it is fired in the kiln to dry. When used in combination with silk screening, liquid emulsion is employed to expose the image and create the stencil, allowing layers of ink to be applied through the screen to recreate the still.

Glass photo printing today is a process done almost completely digitally. This adds unmatched increases in efficiency and savings by eliminating all materials besides ink, medium, and the printing unit, which is completely self-automated by an onboard computer. Glass photo printing companies can also digitally sandblast or emboss snapshots into the crystal.

A photograph can now be saved as a digital file and recreated as a tangible graphic in one step. To recreate the image, ink is usually applied to the glass by two of the most common delivery systems, ink jet and air brushing. These processes are unmatched in the accurate and quick delivery of ink, but when multiple coats are needed it can only be applied as fast as the other coats can be dried or fired. This however has been improved with UV inks, which are only liquids until exposed to UV light, whereupon they instantly cure. This allows companies to create and handle custom signs or portraits in mere minutes rather than hours.

No matter if for quenching an artistic thirst, or presenting consumers with an inside look of one’s company, any photograph can be timelessly and almost magically captured by the process of glass photo printing.

The Advantages Of A Vinyl Banner

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

It would be impossible to list all of the many advantages of a vinyl banner.  However, the first one would be that it is an incredibly affordable option.  It is the perfect way to get the advertisement out to as many people as possible.

A vinyl banner can display a business promotion in a bright array of colors that are sure to be eye catching.  After all, the entire idea of a sign is first to inform, but one would also want to make a sign that will not only get the potential customer to look at it, but also to remember it for future reference.  That’s what you get with these.

In the past, signs were made of other materials like glass, metal and corrugated cardboard.  Each of these materials has their own specific problems.  Glass is easy to break and is likely to be chipped when faced with things outside, such as flying debris on a windy day.  Metal tends to bend and will rust over time, making it difficult to read.  Corrugated cardboard will eventually break down in the elements because it is not waterproof or very durable.  A vinyl banner on the other hand does not have any of these problems.  It is durable, flexible and made of a material that can withstand all of the environmental factors outside, such as heat, cold, wind and rain.

A vinyl banner can include things such as graphics, logos and even photographs.  This makes it very easy to be creative when designing the perfect banner. Because it is flexible, there is no end to where or how it can be displayed. It can be easily seen from a distance and it is easy to install and store away.

Using A Glass Printing Machine

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

A glass printing machine is used to create images that are put on glass windows and doors for the purpose of advertising.  This makes the process much easier and faster than older methods.  It doesn’t matter if it is a large or small business, any size company can benefit from this process.  Larger corporations especially, use this to promote their name or product.  Company logos for doors and windows are not the only products a glass printing machine can produce.  Beer and whiskey manufacturers have signs made in order to let bars and clubs hang them inside to promote their products.  This is a very appealing and visually pleasing method of advertising and promotion.

Larger companies will have their business logo and other information put on all of the doors that lead into the building to make an impact on those who enter.  Most of the time, the building will also have their logo or something else printed on the windows on either side of the doors to further get the attention of those passing by.  The reason for this is simple as they want to put their logo on anything they can to promote themselves.  A glass printing machine is one of the best ways to self promote.  Smaller businesses are more likely to have a huge window display to advertise their name.  Since they do not have a gigantic building to catch people’s eye, they rely on a window design to do the job.

When compared to the older methods of putting designs onto glass, using a glass printing machine makes a world of difference.  The process is now much quicker and produces precise results.  New technology and materials are used in order to make the design more durable and brighter.  The ink that is used has improved greatly and helps create more vivid and vibrantly colored designs than ever before.  This is a durable and beautiful way to make one’s logo stand out in a world that is visually stimulated.

How Prints On Glass Started

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

With roots traceable to 16th century Europe, rising from the centuries old impression process creating mezzotints, placing a print on glass was born. This is a procedure which can be attained by fusion, sand blasting, embossing, silk screening, and digital printing.

To fuse a mezzotint, company sign, or photograph to this crystal medium the object is placed on the back of the glass, sealed and fired behind another, and then removed appearing uniform and to all have been created from the same material.

Highly capitalized upon before the digital revolution, the art of silk screening was the most commonly used method of composing a print on glass. Employing wooden or metal frames with a mesh or silk screen stretched over the outside, inks would be transfused through the screen leaving an image. Stencils are created by covering certain areas of the screen, and special inks that can withstand the heat of the kiln have to be used.

With the birth of digital technology this style largely gave way to the more efficient process of digitally printing on glass. This procedure gained huge strides in efficiency by eliminating the need of screening materials altogether, the need for a human operator, and the need to wait between individual coats of color and long periods of drying time by utilizing one digital, self automated printing machine. Employing ink jet methods, designs can travel straight from a file on the onboard computer to glass.

Images can also be created by processes like sandblasting and embossing to print on glass. Sandblasting leaves the surface light particles disrupted giving the crystal a frosted finish, while embossing gently engraves or presses the design into the transparent medium.

By being able to employ techniques from the 16th century to the constant advances in digital technology each new day, when companies begin the start of a new advertising campaign, why not utilize signage that takes advertising to a whole new level of artistic  beauty by having it embodied as an image on the finest glass?

Ideas For Photo Prints On Glass

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If you are looking for a new way to advertise, then photo prints on glass may be your answer.  In the past the only way to achieve this was to have the glass etched.  This was rather expensive and many people just did not find that this was a cost that could be covered by their advertising budget.  However, with technological advances in the field, glass printing is a new way, similar to screen-printing, is now available to do this for a reasonable price. Best of all, the colors used on photo prints on glass can be vibrant or muted to match your logo or taste.

These can be used for advertisement or gift giving.  They can be used to make signs for your business, place settings for your wedding reception or a gift for Grandma that will make her happy for years to come.

Photo prints on glass is also a wonderful alternative to the traditional type of labeling for products such as wine or other types of products that are in this type of a container.  Traditional paper labels often have a tendency to tear or rip on the edges.  They also fade in time and become discolored and yellow.  The worst case scenario with a paper label is that sometimes it just falls off leaving its container and its contents completely unidentifiable.  You could use this type of print to put your logo and name directly onto the container itself without needing to attach a separate label.  This would create a very professional looking as well as practical label.

Photo prints on glass have many different uses.  Use them to put your corporate logo and name on wine bottles to be distributed at your next convention and be the envy of the competition that have only ink pens and hats to give out. A good sign company should be able to help you design your graphics for windows, or awards as well as any other signage needs you may have from banners to architectural signs.

Different Examples Of Signage

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Signage is everywhere—it speaks of the importance of communication today.  It tells you where the next exit will be and how many miles will pass before you reach it; it alerts you to the availability and location of the nearest hospital.  It will keep you informed of how far away your destination still is while traveling, or it will tell you where to find the closest restaurant or gas station.

Businesses everywhere know that if customers do not know about a business, it will not be around for long. Signage in some form or other is the only way to advertise a business or service.  Cost effective, they can display everything from business hours, rates and prices, to product details as well as contact information such as your phone number, address, and even your website address.  Signs, like all good advertisements, harness the power of suggestion.  How many times have you seen something on a billboard or poster and then suddenly found yourself craving it when a short while before you had never even heard of it?  Such is the power that advertising can hold over the consumer.

Roads and walkways are not the only places that you will encounter signage.  Inside you will find menus, directories, and wayfinding signs mandated by law.  They indicate where the restroom might be found in Braille and with pictures—or even where the nearest elevator or staircase is located.  They notify you of the nearest exit and the best evacuation route from your point in the building in the event of an emergency.  They direct people first to a business’ floor and then to the door.  They even tell you whether you will find a company’s President or HR personnel in an office.

From advertising to wayfinding, we would all be lost without today’s vivid and reasonably priced signs. Contact a long established sign company like Kaiser Industries to help you design the most effective and affordable products from banners to architectural signage, and vehicle graphics.

The Benefits Of Custom Vinyl Banners

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If a person or a business wants to design something that will get everyone’s attention, the things to use are custom vinyl banners.  This extremely versatile material allows for an array of ideas to come to life.  There are really limitless ways that these can be used for all of the big events in one’s life, home, office, business, school, place of worship, or anywhere within the community.

Custom vinyl banners can be made as big as they are needed to be or as small as any needs dictated.  One can use them to advertise sales, worship hours, welcome home celebrations, birthdays, rummage sales, garage sales, bake sales, graduation parties, homecoming games, trade show offerings, real estate for sale, and many other things as well.

Many people are now choosing to use custom vinyl banners as opposed to the type of do-it-yourself card board signs that have typically been seen in the past for one-time events such as a yard sale.  The biggest reason for this is if the event, such as a yard sale, spans more than one day, a card board sign that is subjected to rain and wind will simply fall apart.  Another factor to consider as well is cardboard is hard to read, and it doesn’t look very appealing or professional.  Not only that, but by having a professionally made sign, a business sets itself apart from the competition.

Custom vinyl banners can be created in a variety of vibrant colors that are eye catching and vivid.  They can be displayed nearly anywhere from lying flat to hanging from a post, pole, building, or hung evenly between two points.  They usually have eyelets in each corner for threading wire or rope through for use in displaying them.

The Offers Of An Acrylic Fabricator

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

If someone mentions Poly Methyl Methacrylate to any acrylic fabricator, they will immediately tell you that this is a plastic material that is often used in the production of many things, including signs.  This material is rugged, durable, and flexible.  It is also extremely cost effective for the consumer.  This makes it a great choice for many different projects.  In the sign business, it has long been a wonderful substitute to other materials such as glass and metal.  Glass is heavy and costly, and it breaks easily.  Metal can be difficult to work with and has a tendency to rust when exposed to the elements outdoors.  This makes plastic a much more suitable choice.

Many industries heavily rely on the work of an acrylic fabricator who can sculpt this material into many different types of products.  It is easily formed and molded into many different shapes and sizes.  There are no ends to the colors that are possible.

An acrylic fabricator can work with this plastic material to make signs from the smallest to the largest.  They can produce one for someone or one hundred for them, depending on their needs.

An acrylic fabricator can make signs for businesses, homes, offices, or anyplace that one may need them.  It doesn’t matter if a person only needs a sign for a one-time use, or if they are ordering some placards that are required by federal laws such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA.  They can fill an order, and the customer can rest assured that they will get a quality product each and every time.  The next time that a business needs a way to advertise or label something, the most cost effective and easiest way to get it done is using this type of service.

Uses Of Custom Acrylic Designs

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Custom acrylic designs are used in so many aspects of our daily routines and visual environment because of the evolving technology as well as the resourcefulness of manufacturers has placed. This material has contributed to numerous advancements in many industries. From the contact lenses that it originally created to the windows it makes up today, custom acrylic designs have provided many products now considered necessary, as well as artistry pieces.

While glass is always assumed to be the optimal choice, acrylic has numerous advantages and uses to consider. It is exceptionally durable and affordable while weighing quite a bit less than its fragile counterpart is. It can easily be manipulated into any size and shape required and envisioned. From salt water to chemicals, this plastic can endure numerous elements as well. While scratches can occur from normal wear and tear, they can be removed without difficulty.

Custom acrylic designs generally result in practical items such as retail displays with incorporated signage and logos, window panels, and siding, yet the options are endless. A few of the more common products created are domes, aquariums, and custom acrylic boxes. Domes are utilized to protect and secure lighting and security cameras while aquariums benefit from the material’s strength and ability to withstand the water pressure from within. Display cases and boxes can be produced in many shapes and sizes which makes them a perfect alternative for both retailers and collectors.

In comparison, this form of plastic is also finding its way into art as well. Its flawless make-up and high level of flexibility allows for such originality. There are no boundaries for custom acrylic designs which can result in so many forms of artistry. Experienced acrylic fabricators, often associated with established sign companies, are the best source of well-designed and -crafted acrylic fabrication.

The Advantages Of Plexiglass Display Cases

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Plexiglass display cases are a cost effective alternative to the glass options once used rather universally. They are a heavy duty plastic alternative that can be designed to the specific needs of the item to be viewed.

Many may contemplate why this material is a better option than glass. This form of plastic, also known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or acrylic glass, was created in the late 1920’s and brought to the commercial market in 1933 by Otto Rohm. The Rohm and Haas Company had it trademarked as Plexiglass that same year. It proved its usefulness and versatility on military planes and submarines during World War II, which led to many more uses over the years. It is an ideal alternative to glass because of its lightweight and shatter-proof attributes. It is very strong and can be easily created into any shape, size, and color. When pieces are melted together for products such as plexiglass display cases the seams are flawless, adding to its sleekness.

This polymer material is commonly visible in showcasing valuable pieces of art or expensive goods in retail stores as well as households, museums, and galleries. No matter the location, plexiglass display cases are highly customizable and can be produced in any dimensions necessary. Logos and other signage features can also be customized into the design.  Their translucent surface allows viewers to see the items with a detail and clarity. In addition, the material will not cloud or discolor over time.

It is very important to locate a professional company that is experienced and knowledgeable in designing and producing plexiglass display cases. Obtaining references of past clientele and viewing previous final products are both ideal components to selecting the company to create your presentation piece. It’s important to find a reputable are sign company with experience with signage and retail displays for the best designs and most affordable products available.

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