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ADA Signs Wholesale

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

ADA signs at wholesale prices are something you might be in the market for if you’re a middleman company purchasing things to resell to your own customers.  If you’re looking into this, you’ll want to be sure you communicate clearly with the sign company you’re working with to be sure you can get the exact placards you are looking for.   You’ll probably want to provide your customers with a large selection, so you can discuss that with the company you’re purchasing from.  You should be able to get any help or guidance you need from them while discussing your purchasing options. Buying ADA signs wholesale will give you the best bang for your buck. But don’t settle for a lesser quality to save money.  You’ll want to be sure the company works with the highest quality materials.

When purchasing ADA signs wholesale, you will see that they come in any number of different styles, from ADA restroom signs, to those that identify the elevator.  The placards are required to follow certain ADA guidelines, and the guidelines cover a number of different things.  The regulations address the color contrast, as well as the location specifics.  They address the font as well as the placement of the braille dots. These guidelines are meant to make public spaces more accessible for people with varying degrees of disability.  They are intended to help make people’s lives easier. Clearly marked placards, whether it’s for a staircase or an exit, or any number of other things, can make it easier for people to get around easier in an unfamiliar building. Be sure you speak with the company you’re purchasing ADA signs wholesale from to see what kinds of choices you have when it comes to buying them.

ADA Sign Compliance

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

A.D.A. sign compliance is something you want to be current on, or at least be quite certain your sign company is current on.  There are regulations in place regarding the design and placement of architectural signs and wayfinding signs, and you want to be sure your signage is in compliance.  It may be taken for granted the large advantage in navigation that is provided by well-planned placards.  You probably don’t think about it much, but when you ask for directions to get where you need to go in an unfamiliar building, you’ll probably be following some placards to help you find your way. Whether they tell you to go past the elevator, and go into room 108, or they tell you to follow the placards through the building as they take you up the stairs and down the hall, you’re probably quite a bit more reliant on the placards than you might think you are.  If you ever had to maneuver the same unfamiliar building with no placards though, you’d likely quickly realize just how much we rely on placards to get where we’re going.  Having to deal with that little experiment might just give you some appreciation for not only the proper placement of the placards, but the importance of having A.D.A. sign compliance for any postings in your building. This will also help you realize how much they help direct us every day.

A.D.A. sign compliance is something you want to take seriously, both for the legal ramifications, and for the benefit of the people they help. Be sure to pay attention to any information about updates to the guidelines so you can be sure you remain attentive to them.  If you are unsure, talk to the company that makes your signage to find out if they are up on the latest requirements of A.D.A. sign compliance.

ADA Restroom Signs Show You Care!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

ADA restroom signs are commonly seen in public restrooms and buildings throughout the country.  They communicate to users that you care about their needs and comforts as visitors in your building, and that you look forward to the returning in the future.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, was passed by Congress in 1990, but later amended in 2009. This law prohibits the discrimination of anyone with a mental or physical disability that would limit their public activities.  It oversees the public accommodations and signs provided on public transportation, telecommunications, and in public buildings.

There are a variety of options to provide the necessary information in regards to public restrooms.  A standard 8 x 8 placard is most common ADA signage seen. Compliant postings can begin with a standard location, one to point you in the right direction to the actual posting for the door. They include men’s, women’s, as well as unisex placards.  The ISA standards inform patrons of the bathroom’s wheelchair accessibility.

To be in compliance with ADA restroom signs regulations, you must follow all the legal requirements. These include using an acceptable font that is between 5/8 inch and 2 inches with a tactile thickness of at least 3/32 of an inch. A pictogram as well as grade 2 Braille should also be included.  In addition, a non-glare material is needed to provide  a high contrast between wording, graphics, and the background. In terms of placement, there are additional regulations to consider as to the specifics of placement of the placard.  

Kaiser Industries celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2011 of providing companies with the architectural signs and wayfinding signage they need to help their clients find them as well as safely navigate their way around.

Design & Installation Made Simple

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

It used to be that sign design & installation service was rather expensive and often needed to be redone at fairly frequent intervals.  Glass is easily shattered, making it vulnerable to any debris it may encounter, or even a hailstorm.  Metal signs often rusted because of weather, and they are easily bent.  Wood signs were at the mercy of all of the elements; the sun would warp them, the rain would make them swell, and the extreme cold or hot temperatures presented problems of their own.  Not to mention the fact that most of these signs were made of materials that do not fare well in outdoor climates, and the paint that was often applied didn’t preserve them at all.  The paint was prone to chipping and wearing off over time.  So your investment in signage was an ongoing and costly headache.

Today, signage for your business or charity is affordable, but much hardier easy thanks to products such as acrylics and vinyl.  These materials are made to endure extreme temperatures, and they make the entire process a breeze.  Acrylics and vinyl do not expand when wet as they are water resistant.  They do not rust as they are not composed of any type of metal.  They do not easily break because they are made of a more durable material than glass, which can be rather fragile, even when tempered.  The options available for modern signs from architectural signs to wayfinding signage and everything in between are sure to meet every need you have in mind. Kaiser Industries can help you with your signs from graphics and  design to installation. It’s as simple as that!

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Are Moving Billboards!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Vinyl vehicle wraps are moving billboards!  Do you own a small business?  How about a large organization?  What if I told you there is an affordable way to advertise for your company or product that works the same, if not better, than buying a space on a billboard?  You can cover y0ur entire car as you would a blank canvas with these custom vehicle graphics.  They can be put on a small car or a large bus.  Any vehicle that has a wrap on it will be sure to stand out.  If you are an owner of a large company then you can get vinyl vehicle wraps for your whole fleet of automobiles.

Let us say that you have a special running on some of your products.  You can buy one of these for your car to advertise this discount or special.  After the promotion is over simply take that one off and replace it with another one.  You can do this worry free because of how affordable they are.  Vinyl vehicle wraps, if taken care of, can last several years.  Some billboards last that long, but if severe weather hits, it can tear and damage the billboard.  When it is time to replace the billboard, it is going to cost a lot.  Compared to that cost, replacing a wrap is a breeze.

Research says that over 90% of all passengers stop and stare at any writing on a car or vehicle graphics.  That is a lot of exposure from just driving around on the highway.  The more you drive the advertising car, the more exposure you are getting.  Some people like to keep it simple with minimal information, while others choose to have contact info and a web address as well.  You can be as extravagant as you choose, or as big as your advertising budget will allow, whichever the case may be.

Custom Plastic Manufacturing Has Come a Long Way

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Custom plastic manufacturing is the ‘new black’ when it comes to shelving and displays.  With the technology available today, you can find just about anything you need for your office or place of business.  If you can’t find just what you had in mind, many companies have a team of well trained craftsmen who can work with you in designing and producing your display, sign, or acrylic stand.  Besides adding color to the units, today’s custom fabrication allows you to incorporate graphics and signage right into your retail displays.

You will find that custom plastic manufacturing has advanced far beyond the old square plexiglass box.  Technology is using these synthetic, formable compounds more and more in everyday uses.  You can buy kitchen wares, company signage, brochure holders, and even automobile parts.   The durability of this material, along with the many color variations make this process such an appealing investment.   Using metal or wood can be costly in more ways than one.   First of all, they will both degrade in a short amount of time.  Secondly, there is almost always upkeep because of the deterioration of the product.  With this type of material, you will never have to worry about repainting.  You do not have to concern yourself with rust, dents, splintering, or fading.  Most manmade compounds have a very long life span and are very difficult to chip or break.  This makes the products you purchase a better value all the way around.

When you are in the market for large brochure holders or other displays to set up in the main lobby at the office, plastic or acrylic retail displays are the best option for you.  Because branding is so important some sign companies offer these services in addition to complete signage services from design to installation.

An Architectural Sign Puts You on the Map

Monday, May 16th, 2011

A high quality architectural sign has the ability to put any company on the map for the long run. Whether it will help the launching of a new product or service, or update an existing one, the benefits to your marketing plan should be thoroughly researched. One that is well designed will clearly communicate the products and services your company has to offer. It should also make an impression that will help people remember it, even when they are not looking at it.

During the planning and design phase, it is imperative to identify the ultimate goal you hope to achieve. Costly or not, the architectural sign you choose should embody not only the business goal, but the business location and contact information as well. The design process necessitates full attention to detail. Signs are available in many different sizes, shapes and materials, and each of these are important factors when determining its overall effectiveness. Durability for the weather and lighting conditions will be a determining factor as well. If they are to be used outdoors, you will want them to be made of a material that can withstand direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions. For ADA signage it is important to ensure that it is in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.

It is crucial to work with an experienced and highly recommended sign company in order to achieve the goals that will best fit your company’s needs. A reputable company can assist you in making the most effective first impression possible and will be able to help you with the entire process from graphics and design to installation services.

See Through Acrylic Design Fabrication

Friday, May 13th, 2011

You may not have noticed that an acrylic design fabrication is a major tool that companies use to sell their products.  It isn’t colorful, it doesn’t have any writing on it, as a matter of fact, it is clear and you can see straight through it.   These designs are the plastic pieces that hold our price sheets, business cards, brochures, and much more.  Try to imagine our world without them.  These simple and easy pieces may be see-thru, but it clearly makes the overall presentation of a product more pleasing to the eye.  They come in different designs to adapt to any needs you may have.

The business card holder is one of the more common things items that are made of this type of material. It keeps all of the business cards with your name and contact information on them neat and orderly.  It also holds them upright so the customer can see them clearly.  Without this type of holder, your cards may accidentally get knocked over and scattered all over the desk and floor.  Would you want to do business with a person that has the appearance of being disorganized and scatter brained?  In sales, the first impression is the most important one.  It can make or break a sale, so keeping your desk and work space professional is a must.

The same goes for brochures.  You may have a need to place brochure holders on your desk that showcases and informs the customer about your product.  Without which your brochures would be sliding off onto the floor.  These handy holders will keep the brochures neat and upright so the customer can see them and make a better decision about their purchase. Acrylic design fabrication is used for many facets of our business dealings.  Display cases are another well-known item that is designed from this type of material.  Whatever you are looking for in your personal business dealings, you can bet that the product will be made from acrylic design fabrication. It is a durable and reliable material that will serve the purpose it was made for in a dependable way.

Car Graphics: Advertising on the Move!

Friday, May 13th, 2011

By putting some sort of car graphics on your vehicle, you can take your advertising on the move.   You may have a product that you are making and selling, or you may just need your company name and phone number advertised.  Renting a space on a billboard can be very costly.  With car graphics you can spend just a fraction of that cost.  Your drivable billboard will receive much more publicity than a stationary billboard.  The more you drive around, the more people will see your advertisement.

You can choose from a simple magnetic sign, or go all out and have the vehicle vinyl wrapped.  It all depends on your budget and what your company needs are.

The magnetic signs are great if you are just starting up your business.  It is relatively inexpensive and gives the basic idea that your company is trying to convey.  In most cases, you will see magnetic signs on the doors or tailgate of a vehicle.  They are great for the business owner who has one vehicle to share between work and family.  They are also quite simple to remove and reapply.

Window car graphics are a more permanent type of advertisement.  With the right colors and the right size letters, your window signage will stand out to all that see them.  You can even get a custom picture put on there.

Last, but defiantly not least is the vinyl vehicle wrap.  If you are looking to get your product or company noticed on the market, then this is a perfect option.  They come in small sizes to fit on your doors, all the way up to having the entire surface of your vehicle covered.  Whichever option you decide to go with, this is cutting edge, state of the art advertising at its finest. This is a way to make a true impact with your advertising dollars.

Magnetic Vehicle Graphics

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Everywhere you go today you will find advertising, and keep your eyes open for one of the latest methods, magnetic vehicle graphics.  You cannot escape it.  Either you see advertisements from other companies, or you are advertising for your own.  That is the nature of the beast.  If you run and own a small business, then this may be the best sign option for you.   These small, removable billboards come in many different sizes and styles.  They easily stick right on your car or truck, and are just as easy to remove.  The most common place to put them is on the doors, but you are not limited to that.

Compared to a full vinyl car wrap, or a brand new paint job with a customized logo for your company, magnetic vehicle graphics are much easier on your wallet.  Just imagine how much it would cost to rent or buy a space on a billboard.  If you pick out a bad location, then no one will even notice it.  Eventually you will have to replace the billboard with a new one because of the damage time and elements cause.  That is another big expense.  With this type of signage, you will still have to replace it one day, but the cost is just a mere fraction compared to the billboard or wrapping the car.

When a company van pulls up next to you at a traffic light and you notice one of these signs on it, do you make a mental note to call them later for their services?  Sure you do!  That is what makes this advertising tool so great.  It is like having a small billboard with you at all times.

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