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Custom Banners Speak for You

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Everyone has seen custom banners: if you have gone to a little league ball game you might have seen them advertising a sports booster sale or on the fence by third base endorsing your neighborhood insurance agent.  Your local supermarket uses these signs to alert customers to huge sales and discounts being offered.  Big soda companies use them to promote their products.  Custom banners are one of the most popular types of signage being used today.  There are as many reasons to use them as there are businesses and events in your town.

Most customized banners are made of vinyl.  This is a highly versatile and durable material.  It can withstand the heat in Arizona or the freezing temperatures in Alaska. Vinyl banners are completely waterproof and heavy enough to be wind resistant.  Because this material is so durable there is little maintenance involved. 

Custom banners are extremely easy to install.  You can attach them to a structure or purchase supporting frames, poles, posts or spinners to display them. 

You can customize these handy signs to suit your needs with either large font or small.  You can choose to include graphics: a photo, logo or stock color images.  Advances in printing technology means the possibilities are limitless for designing your banner.  The end result is your own personal statement.

Custom vinyl banners speak for you; they get your message to a large number of people at an extremely affordable price.  Whether you are advertising a service or product or promoting an event you can be sure that you will get maximum exposure using a these hanging signs

Now you can have a special tool in your advertising arsenal that gives you a competitive edge with style, flexibility, durability and affordability. Kaiser Industries has been making attention grabbing banners as well as trade show exhibits, and architectural signs for more than twenty years. Call them and let them put their expertise to work for you!

Vinyl Banner Are Vivid & Versatile

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

A vinyl banner can be used to get your unique message to your prospective clients with style, color and flair.  Because you customize it yourself by choosing from the endless options, you can maximize the desired end result. 

You can decide what you want your custom banner to say and how you want it to look and then allow a professional team to print your sign with your distinct added touches that make it a custom sign.  Even if you have no idea what design you need you can rely on the expertise of a great sign company to help you find just the right graphics to make your point.

There are many choices when it comes to advertising.  Some of them are expensive and only target a very small niche audience.  With vinyl banners you can reach a large number of prospective clients at an affordable price, and still use your branded logo and messaging to unify all of your signs and advertising.

These handy signs offer flexibility and are weather resistant.  Perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor use, they open up a whole new realm of possibilities.  Vinyl is very durable and much more suited for this type of use versus paper or cardboard. All that and practical, too—they are sturdy enough to be rolled up and used time after time.

A vinyl banner has a professional overtone because the font is bold and uniform as opposed to something that is hand written.  These traveling signs can go a long way toward uplifting your business or company’s brand recognition and helping people find you in a crowd.

Not merely for business, customized banner signs are perfect for reunions, booths at a community celebration, and providing vital information at large gatherings.  No matter what you need to say, the folks at Kaiser Graphics can help you create a vivid and targeted design with banners, architectural signs, and ADA signs.

Custom Vinyl Banners

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Custom vinyl banners are the answer no matter what your message may be.   They work indoors and out because vinyl is weather resistant.  If you are promoting a business or a sporting event, you can custom design your hanging sign to reflect your team support or your business’s new location. 

You can choose a font that’s large and bold with background graphics, or you could choose a smaller font with a picture or logo to the side.  You can choose classic black and white or a dazzling color filled banner, but the options don’t end there.  You can decide between different sizes of vinyl banners–they can be as big as you want or as small as you need. 

Vinyl banners are so prevalent because they are very affordable and give that professional touch to your message.  They are used by schools, real estate agents, ball teams, tradeshows, churches, businesses, communities and just about anyone with a message to display.  Whether you are planning an advertisement or announcing an event, banners can give you the desired result. 

Because of the fact that these signs are made of vinyl they are durable and flexible.  Their flexibility enhances the way you can display them.  This means the traditional limitations for signage do not apply to vinyl hanging signs.  Because of their flexibility there is no end to where they can be placed.  However you choose to present your signs, whether flat on a table or hung between two trees or poles, you can do so with ease.

The affordability, professional appearance, and ease of installation of vinyl banners make the choice easier than ever.  It doesn’t matter if you are planning, selling, promoting, inviting, announcing or advertising, custom vinyl banners will help you reach your goal.

Kaiser Industries has been helping people and companies get their message out affordably for over twenty five years. When it comes to signs and banners—they’re pros!

Vinyl Signs and Banners

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Vinyl signs and banners have been used to advertise many things for a great many number of years.  However, thanks to advances in printing technology, they are now better than ever. 

You see these types of signs in parks, tradeshows, ball games, grocery stores, sporting events, concerts, arenas, museums, and nearly every other type of business.   Vinyl signs are highly sought after, and there are many good reasons why.

Most importantly, they are rugged and durable.  This is vital when you are using them outside in inclement weather.  This means that because they are constructed of vinyl, they will withstand the wind, debris, ice, snow, rain, and anything else the weather might bring.  Through it all, your sign will be there to get your message across with bold lettering and colors that are sure to stand out.

Of course, you can use vinyl banners indoors as well.  They are extremely flexible and easily hung just about anywhere you need them.  They also come in varying sizes and shapes, so no matter what your need, you will be sure to find something that is exactly what you had in mind.

Banners and signs made of vinyl are extremely affordable.  Advertising costs can soar when you are paying for space in a newspaper or magazine.  If you are looking to television or radio, the costs can be astronomical.  With vinyl signs and banners you are able to reach a large number of prospective consumers at a fraction of the cost. 

Kaiser Industries has been putting their clients into the spotlight for over two decades. Call today to find out how they can help you with  banners, trade show displays, glass printing and everything in between!

Business Signs Help Create Good Impression

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Choosing well designed custom business signs is an important step in making a first impression and creating brand recognition.  The purpose of any advertising is to get that potential customer to choose you over the competition.  That’s why it is important to make the best decisions concerning the signage for your business.

While you must decide on color, graphics, material, illumination and placement, you must also make sure that you have obtained any permits necessary to hang your sign and that you are aware of any restrictions or laws that govern signs in your area. 

Placement of signs is important because you want people to read your sign as they pass by in a vehicle.  Most drivers will view a sign at approximately the height of the windshield.  This means you will want different heights for a sign in town versus a sign on the highway.  Because of the distance between the driver and the sign on the highway, you will want your sign to be higher in the air. If you’re sign is located in town, you’ll want your custom business sign to be lower in order to achieve the same windshield height viewing for the driver.

Signs are often the first introduction a potential customer has to your business.  You want to make sure to include only the information and messaging that is vital to convey to the public.  You want to make sure your background and lettering is color coordinated. 

You’ll want your business signs to be consistent with all of the signs you use from banners, to wayfinding signage, and architectural signs, , and vehicle graphics. Kaiser Industries has been helping individuals and companies with all of their signs for more than two decades.

The Art of Plexiglass Fabrication

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Plexiglass fabrication is what you need if you’re looking for custom signs or retail displays that incorporate your logo, colors, or graphics. Plexiglass is a flexible yet strong material that is often used in making signs and white boards. The choices afforded by plexiglass are many. In addition to being able to vary the size and shape of the finished product, the material itself can be transparent like glass or translucent, but it is also available in white and other opaque finishes as well as in patterns.

Manual plexiglass fabrication is an art that requires the use of different tools and different steps to get the sign done. If the sign maker was working manually, he would score the plexiglass repeatedly, and then break off the piece he didn’t need. If holes need to be drilled, that can be done as well, as long as he’s careful not to use the drill too fast, and the hole is not drilled too close to the edges or corners.

If the material for the sign needs to be bent, the plastic is clamped to the table, and a heat gun is plied over it until the piece melts enough to bend it.  Once it’s bent to the degree needed, it is clamped in position until if cools to the touch.

If you need to have some personalized signs or displays crafted, consider Kaiser Industries. Signs have been their only business for more than twenty years. Their staff has expertise in everything from graphics and design to installation services. They also have experienced acrylic fabricators on hand to create a limitless array of signs for their customers. Whether you are looking for an illuminated exterior sign, branded wayfinding signage, banners, or acrylic displays, the friendly folks at Kaiser will be able to help you.

Screen Printing on Glass

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Screen printing has been available for quite a while but with now you can have custom screen printing on glass for your home, business, or office due to recent advances in printing technology. Screen printing on glass can make a statement unlike any other.  You can opt to add lighting from behind or inside a glass sign to make your custom sign or art twinkle and catch the eye.

Signs are your way of announcing your product or service to the world.  Glass printing is elegant and above and beyond the other materials from which you traditionally have had to choose.  Now you can put a glass print of your corporate logo on windows or glass signs in your place of business.  If your brand recognition centers on a well-known persona, you can even add a photograph to your sign.  You can choose the size and shape of your advertising as well as the colors.  Add your own graphics or choose from the many available stock graphics for that one of a kind printed glass sign.

Transfer pictures, certificates and awards to glass as a new way to display them that will be appreciated by all who see them. These stunning plaques will be treasured keepsakes for a lifetime. If you are an avid collector or hobbyist you could choose a glass display case for viewing, using screen printing on glass to personalize and accentuate your collection.  Add color or descriptions for an informative visual delight. 

Kaiser Industries has professionals on staff who can help you with all of your glass printing, as well as vinyl banners, metal signs, car wraps, and custom acrylic fabrication from design to installation services. Call today to see how we can help you with all of your signage.

Pint Glass Printing Adds a Touch of Flair

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Personalized pint glass printing lets you add a touch of flair to your bar. Imagine serving drinks to your friends and family that have your own name right on the glasses.  Your guests will feel as if they are in a fancy establishment and they are also a perfect conversation starter.

If you are celebrating your best friend’s upcoming wedding, you might want to  commemorate the occasion with customized pint glass printing.  It’s also a perfect way to preserve the memory of the bachelor or bachelorette party. Some events like college graduation are once in a lifetime events that wouldn’t be complete without a keepsake to remember the evening.  Personalized pint-sized tumblers leave everyone with something to remember the great times by as they move forward with their lives. 

If you are the proprietor of a bar, restaurant, hotel, motel or sports club, glass print is great additional signage — and an excellent marketing tool.  There is no end to the messaging that you could incorporate on your drink ware. 

  • Display your company logo. 
  • Rave about the hot new item on your menu.
  • Communicate that you have the best rates. 
  • Add something funny or memorable that will get customers talking and keep them talking long after they have gone home. 

Many taverns and restaurants have great success offering a specialty drink that includes taking home the glass with your custom message on it, widening the reach of your advertising. Does your company sponsor golf outings?  Screen printing on glass is a great way to acknowledge your sponsorship as well as advertise your business.  Brand recognition has never been easier than with these distinctive custom signs.

Kaiser Industries has been helping their clients with getting their message out with signs for 25 years. Call us to see how we can help you with any type of signage from graphics and design to installation services: high quality posters and banners, interior signage, architectural signs to affordable vehicle wraps for your car or fleet.

Glass Printing for Subtle Sophistication

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Glass printing: if you can imagine it in glass, it can become reality with this recent technology. Photographs, logos, and graphics can now be transferred onto goblets for an extremely unique work of art.  Imagine giving your relatives photos of your children and family portraits that are printed on stemware or tumblers to last a lifetime. 

Anything that is bottled can have a custom label printed onto the bottle as opposed to an outer label that is attached to the bottle.  If you are in a market that is highly competitive, an attractive and memorable label could give you an edge that the competition just cannot rival. The reach of your advertising can be multiplied if marketed to your clients, or even given as part of a promotional campaign or from trade show displays and booths.

Glass printing has a subtle, yet sophisticated class that just begs to be noticed.  This makes it a perfect choice for signs or other types of advertisements such as plaques and directories.  Printing directly on the transparent container could be extremely important when the information you are providing is crucial to the product you are applying it to such as safety information. Even architectural signs have been made into distinctive signage with this new technique. Screen printing on the window panes of modern offices is a great way to brand your space without closing it in with opaque signs.

Weddings, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, graduation parties, conventions, seminars, sporting events, awards banquets, special mentions and any occasion that needs to have something special to commemorate and celebrate the moment can be achieved by giving glass prints as gifts and awards.  It is such a stylish and contemporary way to show appreciation for a job well done. 

The professionals at Kaiser Industry have decades of experience in signs—and only signs of all types and materials including glass printing from graphics and design to installation services.

Custom Printing on Glass

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Glass print requires close attention to ink adhesion specifications to ensure that your custom sign or work of art is as beautiful as it is long lasting.  Special U.V. inkjet printing technology makes it easier than ever to add your logo, photograph, lettering, or graphics to keepsakes, mirrors, windows, signs, room dividers, and so much more.  It is possible to create a more dramatic look by layering your products for a message that is displayed with an increased depth.

It is even possible to custom print on wine decanters or carafes.  Imagine creating your own wine at home and then being able to add your own glass print to your bottle.  Have you ever found the most interesting piece of glassware but it was lacking something?  Now you can have your own artful design or monogram printed onto it for a very distinct piece. 

Corporations use pint glass printing to establish brand recognition with their existing and prospective customers. Some of the items that are used for advertising as custom signs are mugs, stemmed wine, and martini glasses, antique-style milk bottles, and wine sets.  Businesses and non-profits also prefer this method for awards given to employees for excellence in service, or a promotion—screen printing on glass creates a plaque or trophy that will be treasured for a lifetime. 

Glass print technology produces stunning results, whether you are using it for your home, or in a professional climate.  You can use this medium to add panache and visual excitement to your décor or your advertising material. If you are looking for something above and beyond the standard form of advertising or a treasured keepsake then glass printing just might be for you.

Kaiser Industries have been offering exciting signage solutions to companies and individuals for nearly twenty-five years. Call them today for standard or custom signs ranging from retail displays with pizzazz to banners, trade show exhibits, and fleet wraps that take your signs on the road!

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