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Signs and Banners Say It All!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Signs and banners are something you’re going to encounter nearly everywhere you go.  You probably can’t even avoid them all if you tried, since they are so common.  Every time you drive to work, or grocery shop, or even visit a friend in the hospital, you see them.  Whether they are in the form of posters or billboards, or street signs, vehicle wraps, or retractable banners announcing a grand opening, these things have something to say.  Some of them have nice things to say, while some have not-so-nice things to say. They can be instructional, telling you how to do something.  They can be written as a warning, cautioning you about the road out ahead.  The can be used for nearly everything, everywhere.

If you have a message you want to get out there, signs and banners are a good option to consider for that job; they say it all.  You can get them in all sorts of materials, for all sorts of purposes.  If you need something that just needs to be up on the wall of the school for a day, you can always just print something out on a piece of paper. If you need something to go outside, you’re going to want to make sure you pick materials that can withstand the elements. Custom design and installation services are provided by companies like Kaiser Graphics who only make signs and have done so for more than twenty years.

Remember to gear your advertisement to the right audience, as well. If the ad isn’t well-targeted to the demographic you’re aiming for you aren’t going to get the response you’re hoping for, either.

Even if you have the skills to make your or design your own signs and banners, give Kaiser a call. Their experts have forgotten more than many people ever knew about graphics design, signage of every kind, as well as the best approaches for different clientele.  Give us a call and see how we can help you have the best promotional banner sign ever seen on the tradeshow exhibits floor, or the most cohesive marketing strategy that you can establish in one fell swoop or through the years as your budget permits.

ADA Room Signs

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

The ADA sets forth extremely specific language for using ADA room signs in commercial buildings, which is required by law.  The section dealing with these issues is a very detail oriented list.  Listed below you will find some of the critical details concerning ADA regulations that everyone should know about:

  • All numbers and letters on signs need to have a width to height ration of between 3:5 and 1:1.  They also need to have a stroke width ration between 1:5 and 1:10.
  • Sizing of letters, numbers or other characters included on a sign is determined based on the distance from which the sign is to be seen. The minimum height is measured using an upper case X to gauge the lettering. 
  • Characters of any kind, whether they are numbers, symbols or letters need to be raised 1/32” upper case. The font should be set in sans serif or basic serif and have Grade 2 Braille next to them.  Picture signs, which are also known as pictograms, should have a verbal description in addition to the sign itself. The border size of the pictogram or picture sign needs to be at least 6” in height.

ADA room signs have these rules governing how and where they are placed, sizes and content requirements in order to provide the same services to everyone, no matter whether they have a disability or not.  This is not only a federal law, but ADA room signs help to serve persons with disabilities well.   ADA compliant signs such as these not only provide information that makes navigating a building easier, but would also prove to be invaluable in a life-threatening situation such as a fire, flood, tornado or other catastrophic event.  By being able to identify an exit, this would make the difference in escaping a building or being trapped and awaiting assistance.

If you would like to integrate your ADA signage as completely as possible with your logo, branding, and messaging, an expert like Kaiser International who have been making signs for over two decades knows exactly how much you can modify the signs while remaining in compliance witht he letter and spirit of the law. They can also help you with all of your signage requirements: architectural signs, banners, trade show exhibits, and more. Call today!

Custom Acrylic Fabrication

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Custom acrylic fabrication offers products that are functional, highly visible, unique, competitive, innovative and dynamic.  With custom acrylics, your car wrap graphics can become an effective advertising means by simply using your imagination.  You can personalize your vehicle or add detailed touches that give your car flair and pizazz. 

When using custom acrylic, there is no end to the color variations that you can use.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of stock shades to pick from, or you can customize your own color for something that is sure to get you noticed and set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Design variations are limitless.  You can choose from stock designs or create your own custom design.  Your vehicle can now become your own canvas to display your personal style upon. 

If you have a business, then you can take advantage of the open space on your car by using custom acrylic fabrication wraps to promote your company and give your logo recognition.  No matter what your product or service may be, using vehicle wraps is a highly cost effective way to bring your business to your potential clients. 

While traditional types of advertising seem to be losing ground because of an ever changing business climate, vehicle graphic wraps offer you the opportunity to reach people that may not always read a newspaper, magazine, or watch television.  This means that the next time someone needs your product or service, your memorable presentation by using these graphics on your vehicle will be easily recalled, and you will gain new customers because of it.  And you may get even more simply by word of mouth because of the impact your car made.  Just think of how many potential customers you can reach by allowing custom acrylic fabrication experts to give you that competitive edge with signs that go to your customers, finding potential new clients along the route.

In business for over 20 years, Kaiser International can turn your vehicle into a graphically exciting moving advertisements, as well as help you with all your signage needs from banners to acrylic fabrication and trade show displays.

Vinyl Car Wrap Protects Your Car

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Many people are finding that a vinyl car wrap is an affordable way to advertise. And not only are they easy to install, they are even easier to remove.  While they are in place they are quite durable and able to withstand extreme heat and cold.  They also serve as a protectant for the paint underneath. Vinyl wraps can also guard against all of the elements that a car is subjected to such as weather and flying rocks on the highway that would normally crack and chip your paint. 

So this allows you to design anything your heart desires for your car.  If you want a new look or you just want to take it back to the way you bought it, you just simply peel off the car wrap.  It is truly that easy. 

Many times it is very difficult to distinguish between vinyl car wrap graphics and a custom paint job.  Even the professionals have a hard time judging whether it is custom painted or not.  And then there is the added bonus of the cost effectiveness and the short downtime for installation of these wraps.

The great thing about vinyl car wraps is you can use them to advertise a business, support a cause, show your team spirit, announce an upcoming event or celebrate a graduation or wedding.  There is no end to what you can achieve by using vinyl wraps, today’s mobile signs that go wherever your customers and you do.  You could earn extra income by leasing out space on your vehicle to businesses who want to create more brand recognition, especially if you travel a lot or have a long commute each day.

You can also add details to your car that suit your personality, such as flames, racing stripes, decals, race car numbers, lettering and pinstripes.  It is easy to remove the vinyl later when you decide to sell your car. This has become a very popular way to advertise, and express yourself.

Kaiser International is your graphics and signage expert. SIGNS, Signs, signs are all we do: vinyl and retractable banners, wayfinding signage, and retail displays from design to installation services. We’ve been doing all things signs for 25 years. Call us today for signs done right!

Custom Vehicle Graphics

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Custom vehicle graphics offer a lot of customization to your vehicle that just wasn’t affordable in the past.  Now you can have designs that you create on your car, truck or van for that personalization that makes a statement and sets your vehicle apart from the rest.

We choose the style of shoes and clothing that we wear.  We choose the interior and exterior decorations of our homes, and we decide on the décor for our offices.  Why not take advantage of vinyl vehicle wraps and make the same choice for your vehicle.  You no longer have to settle for the factory paint colors or opt for expensive painting and detailing to get that high profile look for your vehicle that you desire.  Custom vehicle graphics can let your imagination run wild and stay within your budget all at once.  They are also removable should you want to sell your vehicle at a later time.

You can also use custom vehicle graphics as mobilie signs to promote your business.  Give mobile exposure to your product or service by using the available space on your company vehicles.  This takes advertising to a whole new level, and away from the traditional circular type advertising such as newspapers or mail ads.  It’s possible to reach more people than ever before by using vinyl vehicle graphics to turn your car, truck or vans into rolling billboards.  All of this advertising potential can be found in an asset you already have, which is your business fleet or company car.  Why not use take advantage of this amazing advertising tool?

Create your own unique competitive edge by this type of graphics.  Whether you are you considering making a personal statement with your own private vehicle, or you want to boost your advertising for your business, this method is a sure fire way to get your company noticed.

Kaiser Inernational has been helping people with their graphics and signage needs for over two decades. Call us today to see how we can help you with graphics design, signs, ADA signage, banners, and more.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for Work & Play

Monday, March 14th, 2011

If you are a car enthusiast looking for a great way to make your car one of a kind, then vinyl vehicle graphics are exactly what you need.  Whether you are adding pin striping, flames, graphics or some other one of a kind design, this option is the way to go.

With cost effectiveness that is unrivaled by traditional paint jobs, custom automotive graphics done in vinyl are durable and artful.  They are a great idea whether you are trying for a unique look or you just want to add some flair to your car, truck or van.  Installation is much quicker than painting and is removable if you want to do that in the future.  This makes custom automotive graphics a great idea for someone who does not want the cost, downtime or permanence of a paint job.  The greatest part is that these graphics are often mistaken for a custom paint job, even by those that specialize in automotive painting.

If you are looking for a way to use your vehicle or fleet for advertising, then there is no better way to get your message out to the general public than by using vehicle graphic wraps.   These mobile signs not only go wherever your customers are, they also attract potential customers along the way and in the parking lot. The ability to incorporate any design, color or logo makes your existing vehicle a rolling promotion  that is seen anywhere that your vehicle travels. The possibilities are limitless when you opt for vinyl vehicle graphics.

No matter what your needs are, fleet wraps can deliver with surprising durability, cost effectiveness, and a unique flair that it sure to get you noticed.  With a memorable automotive graphic design that is customized for your vehicle, you can have style and functionality at an affordable price, and a product that will last without damaging your paint.

Not all sign companies are the same though. It’s a good idea to look for acomapny with a proven track record like Kaiser International. They’ve been advertising companies with graphics design, trade show exhibits, banners, custom and magnetic signs, and even digital signs and imaging for almost 25 years. Call our signs experts today.

Interior Architectural Signage

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Researching online will aide you in locating the perfect interior architectural signage needs for your business.  If you want modern day interior signage or conventional signage, comparing several different signage companies will narrow down your choices to the ones that fit your needs the best. There are endless possibilities with architectural signs and graphics, as well as displays. With an awesome sign supply company you will definitely have an edge on your competitors.  Planning and researching exactly what you want is effective in order to get your needs met later on when you decide what signage is preferable for your business needs.

When potential customers are walking inside your store or place of business, they notice signs. Signs sell products when they are done correctly, and this is why your signage is extremely important to enhance the success of your business.  It is best not to have a lot of words on your signage because it ends up frustrating the patron, and they walk away.  Straight and to the point is always the best way to go.  When the customers need details, this is where the professional staff comes in, to help with any and all questions the potential buyer may have.

The interior architectural signage will point to the product and the product will sell itself most of the time.  When the signage is done professionally in color, 3-D, digital or fabric, the customer will certainly become more interested in purchasing the particular product being advertised.  Pictures also win consumers attention, but again don’t go overboard, be sure it is the right picture. You can search online for just the right graphics and have your professional sign supplier put it or something better on the sign that you have picked out.  It is important to have a confident supplier that knows what they are doing.  Your business is essentially in their hands, because the interior architectural signage is what will ultimately sell your products. Thus doing research on the several different signage suppliers becomes just as crucial as the signage you choose to display in your business.

Kaiser International is a company that has done nothing but signs for twenty-five years from design to installation services: graphics,  ADA and wayfinding signage,  metal signs and banners, as well as acrylic fabrication. Call to see how we can help you with your signage and messaging.

Vehicle Graphics Design

Monday, March 14th, 2011

A vehicle graphics design is a fabulous way to promote your style, taste, business, and message, or just display art on a moving canvas that is seen by large amounts of people each day.

With so many variations, colors, styles, fonts, graphics, designs and choices of placement, it is no wonder that vehicle graphics design is being used more and more companies and individuals each day.  If you can dream it, then it can become a reality on the surface of any vehicle that you choose.  This concept is catching on across the country.  You can see it on buses, taxis, trucks, trailers, vans, business vehicles, and even personal use vehicles. When designed and branded into a cohesive whole with all of your marketing, your company’s commercial vehicle graphics are especially valuable as they go straight to your customers and are visible mobile signs every minute they are on the road or parked.

Businesses use it on their own company vehicles to promote their product or service because of the flexibility, durability and ease of installation.  Pricing and installation has set fleet wraps in a class above custom painting because there is less downtime and it is much more cost efficient than other methods of advertising.  The vinyl used in them can effortlessly be removed, leaving the original paint underneath intact.  The fact that it can be removed also opens up the possibility to having more than one vehicle graphics design to change to during different seasons, events or sales. The wraps are also an added layer of protection for your vehicle’s exterior paint.

For the car enthusiast, vehicle graphic art opens up a new way to apply pinstripes, custom features, wording, and pictures or art that is just as beautiful and effective as a custom paint job.  Again, the fact that this is a much more affordable option that is also removable makes it a perfect choice for people who do not want damage the original paint.  Graphic designs for vehicles make this a perfect option when preserving the resale value of a vehicle.

Kaiser International can help you jazz up your company’s revenue or your personal vehicle with vehicle graphics as well as help you with any of your signage needs from banners, and wayfinding signage to architectural signs and acrylic fabrication. Signs and everything to do with them are our only business.

Signage Solutions

Monday, March 14th, 2011

There are a few objectives that come into play when dealing with digital signage solutions.  These objectives must be met in order for your signage solutions to be profitable for your establishment:

  • Generating more sales – most retail businesses sell more merchandise when digital signs are used.
  • Reinforcing brand awareness – bringing attention to certain brands of products through digital signage helps boost sales.
  • Communications – digital signs make clear, pertinent avenues that consumers need to be aware of, such as restrooms, exits, also known as wayfinding signage.
  • Safety improvement – distributing information rapidly through digital technology, for example if there is an accident on one side of the campus in a college, the digital signs can let the other side of the campus know, so that no other accidents will occur.
  • Cost efficient – digital signage has proven to be quite cost effective, as well as a tool to increase your revenue.

Once the objectives are visualized and known, strategies are then needed to be applied.  Keeping these things in the forefront of your mind will help lead your business to its fullest potential when it comes to success.  Your targeted audience will be completely captivated by the digital signage you have put into place.  Your attention to details will not go unnoticed and will be truly worthwhile in the long run, especially when you look at the generated sales that the digital sign has gained for your place of business.  Your business will indeed prosper through the digital technology movement, so keep up with the times and the technology era, and go digital.

Kaiser International has been helping companies with their signage needs for almost 25 years and stand ready to help you with all of your signs from graphics design to installation services of single retractable banners all the way through trade show exhibits, architectural signs, to vehicle graphics and wraps.

Car Wrap Graphics

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Why are custom car wrap graphics so important today?  Many years ago nearly everyone read newspapers and magazines because not every household had a television.  By the time television had reached every household, most people were busy working and playing and now they didn’t have time to watch much television.  Then along came the computer age and now even less of the population pays attention to magazines, newspapers, or television, limiting the potential to reach people through advertising.  Cellular phones replaced land lines and this diminished the use of telephone directories such as the yellow pages.  However, no matter how busy consumers lives may be, they still have to get from point A to point B.  This means they commute for hours each day.  What a great way to get your business message out to these commuters by utilizing vehicle graphics.

You can use vehicle graphic wraps to personalize your vehicle or your fleet with a message that tells the story of your company to potential consumers and it does so with graphics and unique artwork that will be remembered.  Because people see your mobile billboard, they will recall it when they find that they are in need of your services.  It’s the perfect answer for a world where everyone has so much to do and so little time to do it.  No one has the time to devour pages of advertisements.  However, if they are stuck in traffic or commuting past your company vehicle they will have no choice but to notice your promotion.  Car wrap graphics allow you to reach people on the go, and it allows your advertising to go where your business takes you.

Kaiser International is a graphics and signs expert that has been in business for over 20 years. From graphics design to installation services, we can help you with commercial vehicle graphics whether painted or in vinyl, acrylic sign fabrication, banners, and much more. Contact us today to see how we can help you affordably increase your market reach.

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