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Vehicle Graphic Wraps

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

There is a new and exciting advertising forum that is a sure-fire way to reach the consumer, and it is vehicle graphic wraps.   This is a high impact, less expensive sign for your business, product or service that is mobile, and it employs something that you already own and use on a daily basis–your vehicle.

Because your vehicle is mobile, you can reach prospective clients who are out and about doing what they do every day.  Whether someone is commuting, walking, jogging or simply getting out of their car in a parking lot, your vehicle has the potential to sell your product or service to more people because unlike stationary signs, these mobile billboards can go where your customers do. People will take notice of your vehicle graphic wrap because of the full color graphics, design and artwork displayed.  This makes your message a memorable one.

Vehicle wraps are easily installed by trained professionals who understand the need to keep your downtime to a bare minimum, and more importantly, they will work with you and your schedule.  Once installed, you now have the ability to reach people like never before with more pizazz and flare than conventional forms of advertisement.  Gone are the days of relying solely on print ads in circulars or flyers to promote your business.  Take your message with you wherever you go. 

The possibilities are endless, regardless of whether you have one vehicle or a fleet.  It doesn’t matter if you have vans, trucks, cars, or a combination of all, vehicle graphic wraps will set your business apart from all the rest. 

Promoting your product or service has never been easier or more effective. Let Kaiser Graphics help you ratchet upyour branding by coordinating your fleet wraps to your company’s logo, signage, and other advertising. From wayfinding signage to banners and displays, Kaiser’s experts can give your company the unified branding that can increase sales.

Fleet Wraps

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Fleet wraps are one of the best ways to increase your company’s recognition.  Because you are utilizing a company asset that you already rely on for transportation, this is a very good way to increase your marketing power without having to incur additional recurring advertising expenses. 

These mobile billboards are signs that gives your company exposure in places that normal forms of advertisement just cannot reach.  You no longer have to rely on expensive newspaper ads or forums such as magazines or billboards to get your message and your product to the consumer.  Your company vehicle can now become a marketing tool to get your brand out there, whether it is traveling down the street or parked in a lot. It goes where your potential customers and clients go.

When it comes to designing your mobile custom sign, the possibilities are virtually endless.  You can choose to display your logo and contact information, or you can opt to go with a full vehicle wrap.  The design is limited only to your own personal creativity.  With colors, fonts, graphics and unique artwork that you help design, this type of message is sure to generate a lot of attention. 

Vehicle advertising is definitely a venue that has extremely high in visibility.  This is advertising and marketing that virtually sells your product or service just by being memorable and noticeable.  Whenever the consumer sees the beautiful artwork or lettering on your fleet, it will make an impact that won’t be soon forgotten. The next time they are in need of your service or product, they will recall seeing your mobile billboard and will be contacting you for your services.   That’s the business identification that you need to succeed, and you can have it with custom fleet wraps.

Companies like Kaiser International have creative staff members who know signs and marketing and can help you design your wraps for maximum impact and branding. Better still is how they can help you brand your company with all of your signage needs including ADA signage, company displays and exhibits, and retractable banners.

Magnetic Sign

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

A magnetic sign is a fabulous way to advertise while you are traveling about town visiting customers or simply running errands.  It can be a classy way to promote your company in a way that will get “double takes” from interested consumers.  Consider getting signs for your business that can be applied not only to the automobile of the owners, upper management, and sales people, but also the company vehicle, whether it is a company owned vehicle or a rental.  A magnetic sign for all applicable employees is a synergistic approach to advertising because they can be easily transferred to the vehicles that will get the most exposure and create the most buzz.

When you purchase them, look for good quality materials that will enable you to transfer them from car to car without causing any damage to the paint. You should also check with your accountant to see if there are any tax incentives for using these magnets on your company’s vehicles. The use of magnets is becoming very popular when it comes to promotional gifts as well. You can order magnetized calendars or business cards that include your contact information. These are wonderful ways to advertise as you can give them out to your patrons or customers and they can have them readily available to see anytime they need your name and number.

Since you can also customize them with your graphics or business logo, you have the flexibility to cover an entire door panel, or to make it as small as a business card, branding your company everyone you go. Try this amazing advertising idea and see how much more business you can generate.

Kaiser Graphics can help you with these specialized magnets, as well as with branding your company all the way from design to installation services for your exterior architectural sign, the graphics on your doors and windows, trade show exhibits, and ADA signs as well. Call us today–if you need signs, we can help!

Banner Sign

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

A banner sign is used to grab someone’s attention, along with giving them valuable information, such as your phone number, location, and the services you provide.  You can use them for a number of different things, but in essence your goal is to create something that will stick in people’s memory.  By including creative graphics, designs, and logos that represent your company or event in your theme, you will succeed in getting the attention you want. Now if you do not need to use graphic designs on your banner and it is just going to be used as an informational tool, then you can search through an assortment of fonts and colors to pick the ones that will be just perfect for reaching out to your target audience. 

A banner sign can serve many purposes, but one of the most beneficial is for showcasing a new business, or a grand opening. This is a wonderful way to catch someone’s eye, and is quite useful for relaying promotional information, and alerting people to your location. You can use them for a number of different business purposes, so keep them in mind when thinking of ways to reach new customers. They are also great wayfinding signage in exhibition halls or at outdoor festivals.

Depending on where you plan on using them, you need to consider what type of material will work best for your needs, whether it’s a vinyl banner or one made of mesh, paper, aluminum, or acrylic.  Many of these materials allow you to use your hanging sign for an extended period of time since they are very durable.  It’s a good idea to find a material that will be able to withstand the weather in your area. 

If you need any help with graphics or printing for any of your signage needs, even acrylic fabrication for custom signs and vehicle wraps, give us a call at Kaiser Graphics. We’ve been in business for over 23 years and we know signs.


Friday, February 4th, 2011

Signs are as old as the hills and banners have been around in one form or another for eons. These popular signs can easily be created and personalized, and can be used over and over again. Hanging signs are perfect for private affairs, and events of all kinds: school events, political gatherings, as well as business events and trade shows.

These eye-catching signs can be made of paper (popular at indoor gatherings) while vinyl banners can withstand the elements at outdoor events, and even come as retractable banners which are easily set up and taken down at trade shows or other business events. When made of vinyl, you do not have to worry about your paper signs and posters being ripped or torn by the wind anymore.

The colors of your event can be chosen and a theme can be incorporated to make it the perfect announcement for your special occasion. You can also easily add detailed graphics for a variety of events. Many schools are finding that it is easier to reuse their signs than to have to create them before every function, pep rally or sporting event. These signs can be rolled away and stored easily between uses. They are very easy to hang up and make each event personalized. They have proven to be quite popular because of the options of making your own designs, ease of use, and the durability that will make them last.

Kaiser Graphics can help you with all your signage needs. Hanging signs are just the beginning. We also help companies brand their premises and advertising with custom signs, wayfinding signs, metal signs, and nearly any other kind of sign you may envision. Call us today.

Custom Signs

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Despite the constant changing advertising market and online opportunities, custom signs will always prove to be a beneficial marketing tool for both large and small businesses. Whether they are architectural signs to entice customers to your store, or trade show displays to attract future customers, signs designed with your business expertise in mind will help your company stand out amid the competition. To achieve this, it is important to determine what the ultimate goal will be, as well as who your target audience is. In addition, you’ll want to establish the ideal location and the length of time you’ll need the sign displayed. All of these factors will contribute to the requirements and look of the sign you choose.

There are a number of options to consider when shopping for custom signs to represent your business.  They are available for interior and exterior use:there are banners, retractable banners, even vehicle wraps for your car, neon signs, digital types and many more. They vary in materials depending on the intended use.

No matter what your final objective may be for your sign, the design should be kept simple and modern. You should include an original, eye-catching logo that will stick in the minds of your viewers. The wording you utilize should be concise so that it can be read quickly and easily. If graphics or pictures are chosen to compliment your advertising, they should also be kept simple. Bold colors are perfect to use on custom signs as they draw in the attention you’re looking for.  All aspects should be carefully chosen to maximize the usage and payoff of your sign.

Finding a company like Kaiser Graphics that specializes in the customizing of signs can be a great resource for both the design process and production of the sign you require. We listen to your ideas and try to understand the heart of your business, so we can help you brand your company through your signage.

Metal Signs

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Metal signs continue to withstand the test of time in both home décor and advertising. These signs have proven to be a durable alternative to the traditional poster or banner. They are available in a number of assorted materials, thicknesses and shapes. You will want to choose a sign that will be able to withstand the weather conditions in your area. The way that you intend to display your sign will be an important consideration as well.

Many collectors search endlessly for retro signs to add to their home or business. These vintage pieces add character and history that a modern sign may not. Whether it’s an old beer sign, farm equipment advertisement, or soda promotion from the 1950’s, metal signs add a nostalgic value and ambiance to its surroundings. While antiques can be rather expensive, reproductions of these famous signs are a popular option. They are readily available and can add the same artsy originality as their vintage counterparts.

In contrast, custom metal signs can give you the freedom to portray the essential message of your business to the public. As with any sign, the artistic options are endless. Your company logo, a catchy slogan, or an important digital image can all be printed right on the metal sheeting. Additionally, reflective materials can be used if your sign needs to be visible after dark. It can not only contribute to the safety of your viewers, but it will aid in your sign standing out amongst others nearby.

 The costs of these heavy-duty signs can vary depending on the customization you request. The price can depend on the size, the detail to be printed on the sheeting, the type of metal you choose to use, and any upgrades you may want. Reflective material, framing, stands, and custom designing are all additional charges to consider. The durability and originality of a metal sign is certain to be worth the price you have budgeted to pay.

Kaiser Graphics can help you with all your signage from concept through design and installation services. Banners, graphics, printing, trade show displays, and custom signs–we do it all. From your customer’s first glance to his last look  exiting your door, we’ll help you brand your office inside and out.

Pop Up Displays

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

 Pop up displays are an inexpensive display options that continue to grow in their use and popularity. Not only are they easily mobile, but they also come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on your specific needs. They give prospective customers a lasting image of what your business has to offer, which is bound to be beneficial to your future success.

 These trade show displays consist of fabric-covered panels attached to a fiberglass or aluminum tube frame. The framing is collapsible and lightweight, making it easily set up, stored, and transported. Both the size of the frame when folded, and the size of the display in its fully extended form can vary depending on the space you have available to you. The stand sizes range from a tabletop display to as large as twenty feet. The frame, panels, and additional features such as lighting are stored in a sturdy case with wheels for ease of mobility.

 The popularity of these sales displays are due to their many benefits including their durability, affordability, and professional look. The various customization options, including a wide variety of graphics adds to their extensive appeal. The addition of attention-getting banners, and retractable banners that help to brand the area as yours all add to the visual impact of your trade show exhibits. While they can easily be designed to fit your specific advertising needs, they are easily transported and set up.  The impact on your budget is minimal compared to the many benefits this type of display will have on the future of your business.   Pop up displays are extremely versatile and cost effective, making them a vital part of today’s business marketing.

Kaiser Graphics is waiting to help you pull together your trade show exhibits and signage to help take your company to a new level in its advertising.


Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Signage has been a method of getting information to reach the public for many years; as a matter of fact, signs date back to ancient Rome’s mile posts. In France in the 1800’s there were laws put into effect that mandated  pubs to post signs that they sold ale, making it easier for the inspectors to do their jobs. If the laws were not complied with, the pub owner might be liable to forfeit their ale. Available in many shapes and sizes for various purposes, signs are everywhere, and many are seen by millions daily. The advertising industry uses these advertising billboards of all kinds and is so competitive that they are always changing and evolving.

There are as many kinds of signs as there are people and ideas, many of which have meanings as well. Signage used to be hand crafted and carved in great detail, often being hand painted as well. These custom signs are still around, but are used less frequently because of the cost. Street signs are some of the most well known signs when it comes to shape. A circular shape represents a rule that must be complied with, such as a “do not enter” sign. They are also the most famous of wayfinding signs that are now necessary along with ADA signage in today’s large buildings. Neon signs for night time advertising are quite interesting as they are made of bent and folded glass tubes that are lighted up in varying colors. The tubes can be made into shapes, letters, and even company logos.

Billboards are widely used for advertising, and they are becoming more innovative as they evolve. There are many types of signs used to advertise places, such as the widely known “Hollywood” sign. Also available are vehicle wraps, today’s mobile billboards, architectural signs, acrylic fabrication of custom signage, and vinyl banners of all kinds. The world of advertising can be fiercely competitive depending on the product or service you provide. When deciding on the type of sign that suits your needs, research and consider contacting a professional. Consulting with experts like our staff at Kaiser Graphics to help you in your decision making is the best way to find the sign that fits you, your products or services.


Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Choosing the wrong signs for your business can cost your company hundreds of dollars.  Make sure you first decide what type of market you are trying to reach, and then come up with a message that targets that specific group of consumers. Take McDonalds for example, their golden arches are the most well known signage in the world. Could you imagine if they went with a plain logo in a boring frame? Almost everyone recognizes their beautiful, bright golden M’s and what they promise when you visit.  Maybe their corporation wouldn’t be what it is today if they had gone with a logo that was sub par.

The logo is a very important part of your business signs. It gets your logo out there and shows that you want to attract your potential customers.  Think of the “eat more chicken” cow advertisement for Chik-Fil-A. They are quite comical as they encourage you to take a break from beef, and let’s face it, the 3-D cows have a zest for making chicken seem to be better to eat than beef.  A billboard might not be the signage for you; perhaps all you need is a company sign on the door of your suite, or above the door outside of your building. Unified branding from your letterhead to your wayfinding and ADA signs to your architectural signs, messaging and trade show displays is one way to make sure that the general public knows who you are, what your mission is, and what you can do for them.

It can’t be stressed enough that choosing effective signs for your company is best done with the input of professionals like those you’ll find at Kaiser Graphics. They can help you design your graphics, choose your wayfinding signs, even fabricate your acrylic custom signs and brand your company. They’ve been helping companies like yours for 23 years, and they can help you, too.

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