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The Advantages Of Plexiglass Display Cases

Plexiglass display cases are a cost effective alternative to the glass options once used rather universally. They are a heavy duty plastic alternative that can be designed to the specific needs of the item to be viewed.

Many may contemplate why this material is a better option than glass. This form of plastic, also known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or acrylic glass, was created in the late 1920’s and brought to the commercial market in 1933 by Otto Rohm. The Rohm and Haas Company had it trademarked as Plexiglass that same year. It proved its usefulness and versatility on military planes and submarines during World War II, which led to many more uses over the years. It is an ideal alternative to glass because of its lightweight and shatter-proof attributes. It is very strong and can be easily created into any shape, size, and color. When pieces are melted together for products such as plexiglass display cases the seams are flawless, adding to its sleekness.

This polymer material is commonly visible in showcasing valuable pieces of art or expensive goods in retail stores as well as households, museums, and galleries. No matter the location, plexiglass display cases are highly customizable and can be produced in any dimensions necessary. Logos and other signage features can also be customized into the design.  Their translucent surface allows viewers to see the items with a detail and clarity. In addition, the material will not cloud or discolor over time.

It is very important to locate a professional company that is experienced and knowledgeable in designing and producing plexiglass display cases. Obtaining references of past clientele and viewing previous final products are both ideal components to selecting the company to create your presentation piece. It’s important to find a reputable are sign company with experience with signage and retail displays for the best designs and most affordable products available.

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